Funding Your Cat’s Health Care toward a Long and Healthy Life

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Our pets age much more quickly than we do and they also face many of the same problems that we encounter — cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc.  The American Veterinary Medical Association states that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship, influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment.

The veterinarian’s role in the human-animal bond is to maximize the potential of this relationship between people and animals. It makes sense to keep our pets in top physical condition to increase our enjoyment of them as well as to improve their health – and ours!

Recent Advancements and Their Costs

Recent advances in veterinary diagnostic and treatment procedures have increased the quality of care available to pet owners. Specialized surgeries, chemotherapy, CT scans and ultrasound are just some of the advanced techniques used by veterinarians to treat conditions that were often fatal just a few years ago.  These advances can include significant costs.

Veterinary expenses might cost you several hundreds – or thousands – of dollars for a serious condition. This is where a pet healthcare insurance plan can serve as a bridge between costly veterinary treatment and the financial impact on owners.

Planning Ahead for Your Cat’s Health Needs

What’s the best way to plan ahead for our cats and fund illnesses and accidents? One way is to consider pet insurance as a financial strategy to budget for medical expenses over the lifetime of your pet.

Even if you’ve paid your premiums for a particular year and have not had any medical emergencies, that money is still going toward expenses your pet may encounter in the future. You are financially preparing to provide future medical care for your pet, should the need arise. The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan provides options that can help you pay for treatments that your pet can live a longer, more comfortable life.

You consider your cat to be a part of your family.  For other family members, you provide clothing, food, education, transportation, etc.  All that our cats ask for is our love and attention, water, food and our best efforts to keep them healthy.  Pet insurance can help keep their health expenses under control.

How does the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan Work?

The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan offers five coverage options for all budgets.  Levels of coverage begin with accident only, then move to accident and illness and finally to wellness coverage for preventive visits and treatments. Wellness care includes flea and tick control, vaccines and boosters, an annual exam, heartworm testing, fecal exam and de-worming, dental cleaning, spay/neuter, boarding and titers options.

Cats must be at least ten weeks old (and dogs eight weeks old) to be enrolled in any of our plans, and under the age of nine to enroll in a plan with illness benefits. Once enrolled, coverage can renew regardless of age.

Once you enroll in an annual plan, your pet’s accident, injury and wellness benefits begin on Day 1 and illness coverage begins on Day 31.  (As long as you maintain continuous coverage, you won’t have to satisfy this waiting period again.)  We also offer a 5% discount on multiple pets living in the same home.  For example, if you insure a cat and a dog, the 5% is applied to both policies.

When visiting your clinic, have your (licensed) veterinarian fill out and sign Part 2 of our short claim form, then complete Part I of the form yourself, sign and mail, e-mail or fax it to us, along with all of your itemized receipts.  You will be reimbursed directly for all claims.

Your deductible amount and 20% co-insurance are deducted from your claim reimbursements. For instance, if you submit a claim for $700.00 under the Essential Plus Plan, you’ll have a one-time deductible each policy year of $125 and will be reimbursed for 80% of eligible expenses.  Any pre-existing condition — prior to the start of your policy, or during a lapse in coverage — is not eligible for reimbursement.

Not all pet insurance plans are alike.  With the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan, what you see is what you get — you won’t find confusing benefit schedules or hidden category or case limits.   We pride ourselves in offering plans with the richest coverage in their class. In addition:

  • We have no waiting period for accident and injury coverage. Many others do.
  • We have straight forward dollar limit amounts.  Many others have limits for specific conditions or physical categories  beyond regular policy limits.
  • We cover multiple treatments for one incident spanning unlimited policy periods.  Many others do not.
  • We reimburse diagnostic costs on our Wellness Plus plan, even if the diagnosed condition is not covered. Most others do not.

Be safe, not sorry

As the word spreads about affordable pet healthcare insurance plans offered by the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan, more and more pet owners are enrolling in a plan to enable sensible budgeting for the lifelong healthcare needs of their cat(s).  The right plan can alleviate difficult emotional and financial decisions over whether you can afford the treatment for your cat that your veterinarian recommends.

Plan ahead for your cat’s healthcare needs and your own peace of mind. For a free quote and to learn more about our plans visit  or call 1.877.233.4441.

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