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We’ve been on our Magic Chronicles for many months now and for all the joys, I can’t help but live in constant fear if one day the magic ends. Basically, I’m having a hard time keeping up the zest for life with the new expansions, but it’s no less true that that’s when I start seeing things from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and it happens to me.

I come from playing with the medieval fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons, freaking out with the Bloodborne art of the werewolves of Innistrad, and doing the same shortly thereafter with the Gothic of its second expansion dedicated to vampires. At a certain point you’ll think they’ve already given you two cups of everything you’re crazy about, so it’s going to be low with the next expansion. And then, boom… cyberpunk ninjas and Japanese aesthetics.

The change seemed radical enough to me that I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but as I see new maps and learn more about what awaits us in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, any fears I might have don’t go away with the new expansion connect to.

If you too want to know what’s in store for Magic: The Gathering with its latest madness, here are all the details (no spoilers) I’ve come across so far, and a good dose of ideas and mechanics to wait for .

Kamigawa’s rich past

What surprised me the most about this new expansion is that it’s not the first time Magic has traveled to the plane of Kamigawa. In fact, there are three expansions that focus on Kamigawa and were released between 2004 and 2005, all of which focus on a more classic style of feudal Japan, halfway between katana combat between samurai and the mystique of yokai and demons.

On this occasion, however, the journey to Kamigawa jumps 1,200 years in time to transport us to a world that, without forgetting its roots and showing the evolution of some of its characters and monsters, has an overdose of neon and cyberpunk lights in our faces plants ninjas.

I’ve yet to pull myself together with all the lore behind it, but it seems that this mammoth leap into the future has to do with the arrival of a mysterious Emperor that, according to Wizards of the Coast, we all know.

The key dates of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Here’s a rundown of everything to expect in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, from the first map reveal to the long-awaited MTG Arena and physical releases. Make a note of a date from the start: February 11, when the events and in-store sales begin.


  • Presentation video and first map preview: January 27th
  • All cards submitted: February 4th
  • Commander First Previews: February 7th
  • All Commander Cards Revealed: February 8th
  • Release on MTG Arena and Magic Online: February 10th
  • Pre-Launch Events: February 11th
  • Global launch: February 18th
  • Draft Weekend in stores: 19.-20. February

The Kamigawa Letters: Neon Dynasty

There’s not much meat under the revealed cards yet, but at least we can get an idea of ​​what’s in store with examples like the following. First of all a planeswalker, Kaito Shizuki, who promises to wreak havoc if we manage to get him to seven counters to get an emblem that reads:


When a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, search your library for a blue or black creature card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.

As a gift we also get the return of the dragon Atsushi and the ogre turned demon Hidetsugu. The former allows us to play around with discards or create three treasure tokens on death – a nice price for a 4/4 with fly and trample. The second allows us to sacrifice and exile creatures to peek or deal damage based on the cost of the cards.



Kamigawa mechanics who could return

Among all the novelties that you could see in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, one of the most desired is the return of the ninjas and their ninjutsu skills. One of those mechanics that can turn the game around with a devastating surprise attack.

When using Ninjutsu, introduced in Betrayers of Kamigawa, you can cast a creature that has this ability tapped and attacking for one point less than its normal cost when you return an unblocked creature to your hand. A kind of instant, capable of reversing any attack by switching, for example a small creature that the opponent wants to let pass.


In addition to the foreseeable ninjas, the Kamigawa dragons are also expected, legendary creatures like the Atsushi that we’ve already seen, as well as the double cards, which this time around will presumably come in the form of double-faced cards of the usual double faces released back then. Understandable because they’re easier to play without causing problems, but I hope they give a twist to the concept because the art on them was great.


Magic: The Gathering – White, the color of the plane, angels, and light

Some beautiful countries to romp around in

Speaking of spectacular arts, we’re closing this recap of what we know about Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty with this expansion’s crown jewel. A collection of lands that will enable us to choose between these and the beauties introduced in Innistrad. They’re pretty rambunctious. With that, we leave you until next week’s Magic Chronicles.