Presenting someone who makes comparisons is ugly. Can you imagine telling your grandmother that she is like the other one but cooks better? Well, the same thing happens with games. It’s ugly.

However, sometimes a comparison is the equivalent of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Other times the game makes it pretty eggy for you. After the Fall is one of them.

Because I could tell you that the new thing from Vertigo Games is a cooperative game in which you’ll overcome levels full of hordes of zombies while at the same time opening doors and riding up elevators while banging your head in the only hope of getting there to get I live up to the nearest security room.

There’s a slim chance you’ll think of Left 4 Dead after reading this, and as much as the comparisons are off-putting, the truth is that After the Fall is like a Left 4 Dead in VR.

If something works…use it

But despite the fact that the inspiration is clear and the zombie blood is thick, the comparison could also be misleading. One might think that the quality of both games is the same and well, there are more than nuances that are worth drawing a line on.

Available for virtual reality devices such as Oculus Quest 2, PSVR or VR headsets for PC, After the Fall Unites facilitates crossplay between them – in reality, only the way of creating and joining games needs to be changed the immersion in virtual reality with a well-known formula that we all already take for granted.

Enter a level with three other friends, go through them while killing hordes of zombies, kill a boss at the end and return to base to use everything you’ve achieved and upgrade your weapons and options to advance to new levels and difficulties.

Pistols, rifles, machine guns and shotguns against the putty zombie, the swift one, the tank and the one that explodes. It’s hard to find something so simple and well-worn that’s just as effective, but After the Fall manages to add some of its own identity along the way, by offering a HUB that serves as a common thread for the story.

A game with growth promises

Locked up in a kind of abandoned arcade, the machines themselves are used to create a game and play it alone or join one of the available levels with other players who also swarm there.

It is also the place where we can use the resources obtained to acquire parts for our weapons, learn more about what happened in their world and chat with the NPCs to advance the story in the form of new missions.

After the fall

Essentially, these limit themselves to making us visit the same places over and over again with a new excuse. Do the same to get the Enhancement Disks, which will free you up a handful of extra hours once you’ve completed the main campaign and the half hour each of the five scenarios typically takes.

You also have a PVP where you can face other players – surprising how well it works at a reaction level – but it’s all you’re left with in a game that’s about the experience of increasing difficulty and the joy of interacting with people It’s perfect, it just has the promise of more free content in a hopeful future to come.

The new levels are appetizing candies, but there’s always the question of what the panorama will look like when this happens at player level. Coming from the makers of Arizona Sunshine – and featuring cross-play – there’s reason to have faith, but when you don’t, you always have the option to enjoy it solo.

After the fall

VidaExtra’s opinion

Accessible enough to avoid motion sickness, play with your own movement, with the joystick, or by resorting to the classic point-and-scroll jump, After the Fall manages to be one of those experiences that anyone with Reality -Glasses is easy to recommend.

While it’s true that there isn’t enough juice to be more than passing entertainment, the base is solid enough that the arrival of new levels over the months offers a little more juice and makes you want to return.

If the experience calls for you and you have three friends to play with, go straight ahead. If you miss either of these two milestones, you’d better wait and see what happens with the next updates.

After the fall

After the fall

RRP in Oculus Store €39.99 RRP in Steam €39.99 RRP in PS Store €39.99

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After the fall

Platforms PC, PSVR and Oculus Quest (Reviewed Version) Multiplayer Yes Developer Vertigo Games Company Vertigo Games Released December 9, 2021

The best

  • A very fun cooperative
  • Lots of customization options
  • Also a good solo shooter


  • The connection between players could be more comfortable
  • Missing launch content