When it comes to Musou, more and more sagas have signed up for games opting for this genre. There we have titles based on anime and manga series like Berserk and Attack on Titan, but also on other well-known franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. Even so, Dynasty Warriors will continue to be the most important of them all.

For more than 20 years we have not stopped facing thousands of enemies in large environments, but it was time for the saga to return to the stage, which is why Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires will go on sale tomorrow, although we that already had opportunity to play thoroughly this new chapter that introduces some new features.

Of course, as a good Musou, the action will continue to be the game’s strongest point and what you will be betting on by far the most. However, this time some strategic elements have been introduced that will make us approach the fights differently, so we leave you our analysis where we tell you what we thought.

Planning all the details of the war we will be involved in

The War of the Three Kingdoms continues to be the argument that serves as an excuse for us to fight non-stop battles. However, the storyline is so relegated to the background that the truth is that we’ll give it virtually no importance throughout the game, although the game isn’t helpful enough to be relevant.

Basically it all boils down to a single game mode: Conquest mode. In it we have to choose an officer to fight for one of the different kingdoms of China and our goal will be to invade all the zones to take over them little by little until we manage to rule the entire country. Whether it happens as a hero or a tyrant depends on the players themselves.

The point is that you don’t have to go through the levels one after the other here. The difference from other chapters and the fact that strategy acquires such importance is due to the fact that everything is guided by a calendar in which every six months the leader of the kingdom to which we belong leads a war council. This will set a series of objectives that we can either complete or ignore entirely.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires 06

So at the beginning of the semester we have a wealth of opportunities ahead of us, which is overwhelming at first. Mainly because it’s not very detailed what each of the options is for and we’re not sure about the purpose or scope of any action we decide to do until we’ve played a few hours and already know what it is prefer to improve based on how we play.

Thus, each action lasts a month, leaving us only six turns to complete the task of our leader, who rewards us with experience points to level up our main character. For example, we can collect donations, harvest food that will help strengthen our troops, improve a kingdom’s defenses, start talks with allies to improve affinity or also form alliances, carry out bribes, sabotage and many other options.

The possibilities are vast and there is no single right way to face the future that awaits our empire, because as we have said before, everyone will be able to face whatever goals they see fit. In addition, at the beginning of each term we can defy the orders of the leader and propose another plan of attack, which does not mean that he will only listen to us later, because of our good work we will replace him and then we will be the ones who will dictate everything , which will happen according to our liking.

At the end of the semester, aside from receiving the appropriate rewards, there will be times when we will throw ourselves fully into a fight to attack an area that is adjacent to one of the areas we govern. However, we don’t always have to wait until then to have a brutal fight, because sometimes we have to defend ourselves against invaders or even decide not to wait and attack an area directly.

This does not mean that in a few turns we can take over the whole country, because this is where resources or good relations with our comrades come into play, since we may not have enough soldiers to face a battle or our rival has an army so powerful that it’s capable of liquidating us with barely a frill. So sometimes a timely retreat is a better option to come back stronger later.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires 07

On the other hand, it’s because the issue of relationships is given so much prominence because it becomes fundamental over time. Mainly because our character will be able to create brotherhoods or even get married and have children, so the offspring will grow as we start a new game, until finally becoming a new officer that we control and carry out a new invasion can country.

Also, the higher the relationship with the soldiers and officers, they will give us gifts from time to time and make it easier to ally with other kingdoms or get more resources than normal. In the end, too many details seem to be taken into account, but when several years have passed (within the game) everything becomes very intuitive and even more entertaining.

The attacks on the castles that could have given more of themselves

With the six months up, it’s time to gear up for the action, which is so good the series has gotten us used to it. Here we are not going to tell you anything new, because like in any other musou you will have to face groups made up of hundreds of enemies among which there will be some more resistant than normal and special characters that sometimes make us do our best It’s best to eliminate them so that mashing buttons like there’s no tomorrow isn’t always enough.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires 03

In this sense, it follows a formula that we are also used to seeing, like “rock, paper, scissors”, and changes it for infantry, archers and cavalry. This means that not all units will be equally strong against everyone, so sometimes they start with an advantage and sometimes we have to be careful not to quickly reduce our life if we are weak against them.

But not all battles are summarized in these aspects, because for this installment some new features have been introduced that will make it more interesting. For example, the purpose now is to attack castles, destroying their entrances in order to invade them and thus fight their leaders face-to-face to achieve victory.

As we take strategic points on the stage, our units will gradually weaken the castle barriers so we can enter them. Most important of all, however, will be the use of attack structures that will be most useful to us, such as catapults, which will serve to weaken the defenses of the walls, or battering rams, which will be used to knock down the doors and thus gain access to castles apparently impregnable.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires 08

In addition to attacking without rhyme or reason, through games and victories we will unlock a type of cards that will give us temporary advantages such as: B. an increase in attack power, restoration of life or they can also unleash a devastating blow. Of course, their use is limited and we’ll have to wait a while before we can use them again, although a good combination of cards can tip the scales in our favor.

Added to this are the secret battle plans that we will select during attack planning. They are kind of missions with all kinds of objectives such as: Such as taking over an area, eliminating certain enemies or defending an ally so that they give us a bonus for the rest of the fight. Of course, failure will turn the tables and get us in serious trouble, just as the opposing army will also have their own attack plans that we must strive to prevent from being fulfilled in order not to have trouble.

So far everything is looking good, although all that glitters is not gold, because in the graphics part you have to recognize that it leaves a lot to be desired on many occasions. One of the aspects that without a doubt shocked me the most is the fact that in the enemy camps sometimes very few soldiers appear at the same time and you have to wait a bit for more to be generated before you can take over the purpose is one to eliminate certain amount to conquer them.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires 04

Fortunately, this problem does not always appear, but in everything related to the visual part, it is the scenarios that are most affected. Stripping away the small variety that exists between one and the other, and sometimes giving the impression that they are the same, there is an excess of pops that we will not stop watching as we go from one place to another . Additionally, I’ve particularly rarely encountered aspects of the map that are truly spooky to look at, such as the grass, which appears very pixelated and 2D.

I understand that with the merging of so many enemies, effects and details on the screen, it can be difficult to create a game of this type that is graphically well-rounded, but at this point we find ourselves with a title that sometimes runs out of a few seems years ago…