I’ve enjoyed countless muses over the past few years, but not all of them have managed to catch me to the point where they motivate me to keep playing them for a long time to come. The last one that made me feel this good was Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm, which went on to become one of the most important titles and the best Nintendo Switch received a few years ago.

The Nintendo franchises that are championing this genre must have something that, in truth, suits them beautifully, and Fire Emblem was no exception. We were able to verify that back then with the first Fire Emblem Warriors, and we recently told you about the positive impressions that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes left after a few hours of play.

Well now the moment of truth has come and to move on to the analysis of this game in which we are going to tell you everything that makes it so special and why it has all the ballots to become one of the most impressive musou that there is in life come.

Three houses. three great stories

The point is that this chapter presents us with a series of completely alternate events taking place in the same universe and with the same characters. Therefore, if you just finished Three Houses, you’ll enjoy it even more, since you already know all the heroes more than enough, but that’s not essential either, since the plot, as well as the way the different ones act, are completely different are events.

Starting off, our protagonist will be Shez, in his male or female version, who is part of a mercenary army trying to defeat the fearsome Shadow Scourge. The most striking thing about this fact is that our main character sees this warrior as his greatest enemy, but it is no more and no less than Byleth, our protagonist from the previous Fire Emblem. Despite this, it is important that it will not be long before the time comes when we must make a crucial decision that will affect the future of the adventure.

Fire Emblem Warriors 02

As in Three Houses, here we have to choose again which house we want to join from the three great powers that exist in the world of Fódlan: the realm of Adrestia led by Princess Edelgard, the Holy Kingdom led by Faerghus by Prince Dimitri or the Leicester Alliance commanded by their leader Claude. This clarifies the number of hours that the game will offer us if we want to complete the three stories from start to finish, so replayability is more than guaranteed.

Each one has its own storyline, so you can choose the one that annoys you the most at the start. In my case, like the other part, I chose the Blue Lions because I wanted to relive adventures with the same characters that I became so attached to a few years ago and because they were the ones I did too liked the most after I finished all campaigns. . In any case, only the roles, the behavior and the way of speaking of the individual main heroes remain, because everything else is different.

Although I haven’t finished the other campaigns yet, this first one seemed sublime to me, with countless sequences of dialogues, alliances, betrayals, script twists and a multitude of surprises that will have you hooked from the first minute. Come on, all the good that can be expected from a Fire Emblem, something to be appreciated and which in turn serves to make it clear that we’re not dealing with a normal and current Musou, just throwing a beating , because here the story plays an important role and with enormous depth.

In turn, we’ll see animated sequences at certain times and others that could even come perfectly from an animated series with cel-shading. So during the 40-50 hours you can only get through at least one of the different campaigns, so you only have to do the math if you want to go to 100% and undoubtedly have a game that will keep you hooked all summer long.

Action and strategy go hand in hand in epic battles

Fire Emblem Warrior 09

Thinking of a musou, it is inevitable to imagine some scenarios in which we will have to beat hundreds of enemies at the same time and capture bases on closed maps. Although it is no exception in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, this is only a small part of what are the cornerstones of its gameplay, because in reality it goes much further than all that, hence it becomes a unique title within this genre and so different from the others.

One of the main reasons is that it also drinks from the mechanics that characterize the Fire Emblem franchise, such as: B. the types of weapons and classes, which means that pressing the attack buttons like crazy will not be enough. Depending on whether you use a sword, bow, spear, etc. these will be stronger against certain enemies, but at the same time there will also be soldiers who have an advantage over us, so it will affect damage done by both parties, as well as the amount of damage they receive or their resistance to impact.

The latter is due to the fact that the toughest enemies (they have nothing in common with ordinary soldiers, who have hundreds of similar clones) have a shield whose durability is reduced by hits. With that in mind, a class with advantage will break the shield at full speed, while a class that starts with a disadvantage will have a hard time dealing with this opponent who doesn’t mess around and can take a lot of life if that’s the The situation gets too out of hand, which isn’t uncommon since the combat is hectic and chaotic, with so many characters and effects flying across the screen at once.

Fire Emblem Warriors 05

Also, I won’t deny that I had a hard time on some missions and had to repeat them because one of the heroes was defeated, so always using our favorite characters, if not the most useful for each situation, is not recommended at all. Because of this, at the beginning of each phase of battle planning, you can choose the champions you want to play with, up to a maximum of four, while the game itself tells you whether or not it’s most convenient for the type of special enemies you want have to defeat.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important points to keep in mind, as good battle planning can tip the scales in our favor significantly. Also, don’t expect to take care of all the objectives yourself because there will be times when the maps are so gigantic or there are so many missions to complete that we won’t be able to solve everything on our own. So don’t be afraid to constantly assign tasks to our companions to attack, defend, protect someone or other types of actions.

Another aspect that I loved is that the phases are very different due to the main and secondary objectives that can change or increase in number during the fight. In addition, there are sometimes restrictions such as not using certain skills or not being able to dodge, which bring additional challenges to make the experience even more varied and sometimes even a gigantic final boss that we must do our best if we want to eliminate.

Fire Emblem Warrior 06

Returning to the preparation of the battles, from there we can also configure the weapons, the fighting techniques, the skills, the classes or choose from a series of assigned points at which ​​exact point of the scenario each one will appear on the stage. In any case, don’t worry if you can’t play with everyone you want, because in the main missions of the story there will be as many characters controlled by artificial intelligence (which, by the way, is well managed) as we are can give the role of lieutenants.

In this way it will be a possibility of having two characters in one, which we will particularly appreciate when performing special abilities when a bar of energy is charged, which will make us witness an extremely brutal sequence that will cause a lot of pupita everyone, who is in attack range. As if that weren’t enough, this damage is doubled when we have a Lieutenant, so it’s always a good idea to take one, since it also automatically gives us a cable from time to time and even serves to improve it relationship between both parties.

Over time they will all level up, meaning some of their various stats will also rise, although what really matters comes at the end of the stage depending on how optimal ours was…