Mario and the other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom have always proven to be big sports fans. We’ve seen them play basketball, tennis, golf or baseball, but if there’s one sport they’ve always been very good at, it’s soccer, as evidenced on Game Cube with Super Mario Strikers and later on Wii with that Release of Mario Strikers: Charged Football. Two titles that managed to bring together a whole legion of fans of this series.

Honestly, it’s no less, as both have proven to be excellent, most fun titles that always make you want to play one more game. Since then, it has been clamoring for the saga to return one day with a third installment, something that has taken no more and no less than 17 years to come true, as has happened with Mario Strikers from this Friday, June 10th becomes : Battle League Soccer.

A few days ago I told you the first impressions it generated after trying it for a few hours, but now I’ve been able to play it thoroughly to get a better idea of ​​how the title is in all its sections. While this has helped make my opinion more positive on certain aspects, it has also meant that I don’t see as many other good eyes. Despite this, we face one of Nintendo Switch’s greatest strengths for this summer, as you can read in the analysis below.

Practice what a gerund is to win

I’ll explain it with an illustrative example. When you go to class or try to get your driver’s license, your head explodes with thousands of concepts, books to read and texts to learn, but the truth is that over time there is nothing better than putting it into practice to gain experience and better understand what to do in each situation. Of course it is important to have a theoretical base, but the best way to learn is through practice. Well, that’s exactly what happens in this Mario Strikers.

The tutorial includes dozens of techniques that they will teach you one by one, which can lead to getting a little lost with the buttons to press, since the shots can be performed in different ways, as well as the passes, the tackles or the hyper-thrusts . Touching the button is not the same as a light press, full charge or running at a precise moment. However, the biggest problem is not so good learning, but also the fact that the matches are too chaotic and in the end it is not so easy to transfer everything learned to the court due to its frenetic gameplay.

Mario Strikers Battle League Football Review 03

As much as the tutorial perfectly teaches you how to successfully perform each and every one of the numerous techniques that are not particularly few, the real games are the ones that force you to learn well. Mainly because winning isn’t easy at all, so you have to play right, not crazy, if you want any chance of not leaving the stadium with your head down after a beating. You can be aware that artificial intelligence doesn’t fool around, and online gamers even less so.

Likewise, it is clearly felt when someone plays in a simple way against someone who knows very well what to do, since for example the shots when hitting the ball can be accompanied by effects depending on the position of the stick. You also need to look out for an energy bar so characters don’t drag exhaustedly across the field as they start running, while dodging isn’t the same as simply getting rid of an opponent before impact to get a brief boost.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of ​​the depth of the gameplay. So you could say that it might not be the most accessible Mario game for everyone. Despite this, one of the most suitable is to play a few games with friends and family, since the fun is guaranteed from the first minute, although the story changes completely if you play seriously and want to put your all into becoming someone who on the controls is unbeatable.

In my case, from the first few games, although I love arcade soccer games, I thought this particular title wasn’t for me because I didn’t get optimal results on the field. At the time, I thought about playing more calmly, with a little more head in all actions, and from that moment I managed to turn the tables. It doesn’t mean at all that I’m a crack now, far from it because I still have a lot to learn, but at least by playing a lot of games I’ve started to gain experience and act in certain ways depending on what happens instead wild to do.

The craziest football games

Earlier I pointed out that the games are extremely chaotic and one of the main causes of this situation is the small size of the field. This is divided into two with different themes like Peach’s Castle, a haunted house or a jungle, among others, but this doesn’t affect the gameplay at all since it’s just a simple aesthetic change. However, such small dimensions mean that you end up constantly battling each other with each of the competitors.

Mario Strikers Battle League Football Review 04

The point is that each team has a total of four characters to choose from a maximum of ten. Among all of them we have some faster and weaker, others stronger and slower and others more balanced, but what is striking is that there is no referee, because here anyone who gets in your way can be beaten. Kicks and jabs are absolutely allowed and I assure you that they will be the order of the day because, with the players being so close together, it’s easy to hit each other non-stop to get the ball at all costs.

At times I feel like I’m playing an alternate mode of Super Smash Bros. due to the chaos that sometimes forms, especially when there are objects in play. This is also where crushing opponents comes in, as the best way for fans in the crowd to throw a crate of items like Mario Kart’s is to attack you when you don’t have the ball, because doing so will point the das Audience will take pity on you and offer you a little help in the form of green shells, giant bananas and even bombs that will blow everything up.

That’s why, between the shots and the objects, it’s sometimes so difficult to make a nice play with passes, perfect shots, etc. As if that wasn’t enough, every now and then a ball of energy will appear, also reminiscent of the one in Super Smash Bros., because the team that manages to catch it first will be charged with energy and that will let them to perform the extremely powerful hyper boost, the shots more devastating and virtually unstoppable. To make them even more spectacular, they are preceded by a unique sequence for each character.

Mario Strikers Battle League Football Review 05

That yes, it’s not that they are unstoppable, because here it mainly depends on who is loading the shot, since there he will have to rely on his reflexes to press on some small colored bars that affect the power . So the more precise it is, the more powerful it gets, to the point where hitting the blue bars directly results in the ball 100% sure going into the goal. Otherwise, players must press the controller’s buttons to prevent the ball from entering the goal, especially since hyperthrusts count as a double goal.

What I said and continue to say in the impressions is that at certain times I spent more time hitting shots than waiting to catch the ball because neutralizing the rivals is also a good strategy so that later it will be easier to grab the ball and pass it on to the other players. Of course it depends on how everyone plays, but as it is the game is designed to be chaotic at all times and this is undoubtedly another aspect that makes the games so crazy and fun.

A very noticeable absence in the number of game modes

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer Review 06

There’s a good reason why not all characters are identical, as well as the fact that you have to form a sufficiently balanced team. It’s no use taking four heavyweights with you if you can’t get the ball or they don’t have the skill to shoot properly on goal. Likewise, having a party of four fast characters isn’t the best idea, as they get blown up very easily once someone rams them.

But not…