In the more than 25 years that the Pokémon saga has been with us, we’ve seen video games of all kinds parade. Many of them correspond to the main saga with which we have gone through gyms and become the best trainer, but sometimes titles have been released with very different proposals, such as New Pokémon Snap or Pokémon Mysterious World, which ended up surprising us in a very pleasant way.

These experiences have more or less moved away from what the main titles offered us and shows that the series still has many surprises and stories up its sleeve. Without going further, the next one will arrive in just two days and it will be Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the first major release that Nintendo Switch will receive in 2022.

The game in question was presented almost a year ago and at the time it left no one indifferent. Since then, with every new video that has come to light, it has generated all sorts of opinions, good and bad. And of course I will not fool you, I am one of those people who was a little afraid that it would be a bit repetitive, that I would spend my time traveling through an empty world or, in short, that they would not would meet expectations.

But in these cases, it’s best to get behind the wheel and check it out in person, so I did and you can’t imagine how glad I was that my fears were so far from reality. For this reason you can read in the following analysis why you should take care of this new Pokemon without fear so that it becomes part of your Nintendo Switch catalogue.

Journeys to the Hisui region, Sinnoh’s past

It’s only been two months since Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Glistening Pearl hit stores, and of course it makes perfect sense that all of these games have come out so many times, given that this time the action takes place in Sinnoh’s past, specifically in the so-called Hisui region . Some countries where we will start an adventure in a magnificent natural environment.

It is clear that all events are far back in time, because little by little you will come across situations that will shock you too much, such as the fact that Pokemon are not generally considered companions for most inhabitants, since this is the Fall is being afraid of them and believing that they are dangerous creatures that are better not to be approached. However, in order to better understand its nature and behavior, a special device like the Pokéball was created. Yes, the ones you’ve known all your life.

And then our mission begins to examine all the Pokémon that inhabit Hisui to create the first Pokédex in the region, covering all kinds of data of each that we come across during our journey. In return, we will become part of Team Galaxy, but not the same group of villains that you faced in Diamond and Pearl, since in this case they have their own research department specialized in finding Pokémon species.

Pokémon Legends Arceus 03

Since then, as the storyline progresses, we’ll go through the different areas of Hisui and meet all sorts of characters, including members of the Diamond and Pearl clans, as well as the rivalry that both cultivate. But maybe it’s better not to dwell on this aspect because the plot is undoubtedly one of the strong points of this installment, as it is committed to a more serious tone and not as childish as in other chapters of the saga.

The truth is that I really appreciate having seen so many different characters, how the plot gains strength over time, or how many surprises and varied situations we will experience on screen. Because of this, you can be sure that if you are one of those who managed to get rid of the spoilers circulating around the web, you will deeply appreciate it, as it is probably one of the most compelling stories in the entire franchise.

Regarding the main and secondary characters, as well as the villains, another detail to highlight in all of them is that there is a clear evolution of the expressions depending on the state they are in, although once again the dialogues are impressive thanks to the are a translation team that once again did a great job for the names of certain residents or the puns that also make us smile from time to time.

Explore open worlds inhabited by countless Pokémon

Pokémon Legends Arceus 04

When Pokémon Legends: Arceus was revealed, it looked like we were in front of a full open world similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, although months later it was compared more to that of a monster hunter. While it’s true that it’s more similar to that of the popular Capcom saga, that doesn’t mean it’s a negative point at all, as each area of ​​Hisui can boast of being huge in size.

They are all so gigantic and full of possibilities that it can take countless hours to explore each of their corners, especially if you are one of those who like to explore even the smallest place in search of secrets. Personally, I’m one of them and I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve spent going from one place to another, either collecting items or hunting Pokémon.

This point is one of those that, as I mentioned in the beginning, caused more doubts because it seemed like we were running most of the time and not encountering any Pokémon. To give you an idea, at the time I had read and heard that this was going to happen in Breath of the Wild and in the end it was shown that it wasn’t at all. Well, the same thing happens in this game because there are dozens of wild Pokemon that roam freely.

Pokémon Legends Arceus 05

It doesn’t matter which way you turn the camera, because practically every moment there is a Pokémon around somewhere, flying, swimming through the water, or hiding in a tree that can be shaken or on a rock that can be broken can. That’s the magic of the Hisui region, the masterful feeling it gives of being in a living world that makes you feel like you’re traveling through a real Pokémon world that you can explore at your leisure.

Of course, one of the main objectives of the Pokédex is to register all the Pokémon and that is why catching them is important, although it is also possible to fight them or simply walk past them. Everyone can play it however they want, although of course the first two actions will be essential for the team we’re forming to gain experience, level up and get stronger, so in that sense it’s all staying the same.

Nevertheless, no one should think that all this will be a piece of cake. The different wild Pokémon have their own behaviors, so there will be some that will not fear us at all and will not care about our presence, while there will be others that will not hesitate for a moment to run away or attack us directly. So, based on games and trial and error, we will learn how best to go about each of them.

Pokémon Legends Arceus 06

Since all of the wild Pokemon are constantly on screen here, the only way to interact with them is by throwing a Pokéball at them or by bringing one of our Pokemon close to fight near them, whereupon we will go into more detail later. The point is that the Poké Balls are more effective depending on how we catch the Pokémon we are looking for off guard, since we have more chances of catching it if we chase it from behind or it has not noticed our presence because we are hidden in the grass.

But you may be wondering, why pay attention to the same species of Pokemon when I’ve already registered them? Well, basically because everyone has their own file in the Pokédex with a set of missions to complete. In this way we will be asked to catch a certain number of Pokémon of the same species, defeat as many others as possible, evolve them, make them perform a specific movement or, better yet, capture them in very specific situations so that everything is not always the same . So if you bet on 100%, you can expect hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Another reason why all this is necessary is that the different tasks that we perform in the Pokédex earn us rank points. When we reach a certain amount, we will increase our rank in Team Galaxy’s Research Department to travel to more areas and earn special rewards along the way, including new types of Poké Balls that will be more useful for catching certain Pokémon.

Battle with our team of Pokémon and the bravest character in the saga

Pokémon Legends Arceus 07

If you’re one of those who prefers fighting to exploring, you’ll also be happy to know that in this sense you’ll find a good handful of novelties that will make the confrontations against wild Pokémon or against other trainers even better and more varied . For starters, these types of encounters will be half real-time, half turn-based.

This is because we can see our protagonist on the screen at all times, being able to move him freely on the stage in case we want to witness the fight from different points…