Late last year, Ubisoft gave us access to a Rainbow Six Extraction preview for four hours of thorough play. And everyone freaked out, but not in the sense that we liked the game, but also because of the extreme difficulty of each game. Ubisoft Montreal emphasized the need to work together with the other two partners in each game to successfully complete each mission, to the point where an extraction with only one objective accomplished is considered a success.

This aspect distinguishes it from Left 4 Dead, from which it is only inspired by its spirit and from which we are currently living its second youth with a new wave of proposals with more or less differences. What’s undeniable is that Rainbow Six Extraction is aimed at a more sophisticated audience that knows how to communicate in a group and isn’t easy on the trigger.

Dark Souls by Rainbow Six… except stealth

I can’t resist retracting the Dark Souls meme resource to clarify that what’s been repeatedly said these months regarding this shooter’s heaviness is literal. They can kill us with two, three or four touches if we get lost. Even in simple mode, although there is no “simple mode” as such. The lowest level of difficulty is “Medium”, without mutations that change the conditions of each game, as we saw with Back 4 Blood.

It needs to be clarified once again that while following the trend of these games with a clear cooperative component, that doesn’t mean that it follows the formula created by Turtle Rock Studios more than a decade ago. The scenarios in Rainbow Six Extraction are closed and small. In addition, they are divided into three sections, each with its own objective. A goal that will always be different in each game, since it is 100% random. And he’s not exactly lame…

We’re talking about 13 different types of goals, which guarantees that we’re constantly on the alert, not knowing what a new idea might bring us. On top of that, this also leads to a fairly slow learning curve until you’re able to not keep screwing it up for very stupid mistakes.

More than failures, one could say overconfidence, eagerness to achieve goals in the shortest possible time (every mission is against the clock) or simply because someone on the team is not following our instructions. And this is where stealth carries a lot of weight. If we act silently and eliminate the enemy without the rest noticing, we’ll win more than half the game.

This enemy is called Archaea and is a parasite of extraterrestrial origin that has multiple mutations. A range of variants ranging from humanoids like the Bastaje, which is deadly with its melee attacks, to the elusive Impelo, which shoots from afar, to the explosive Demolisher or the fearsome Torment. Even something as small as ooze can turn us tan…

Because when we understand that you can’t go crazy, the game clicks in our heads and what used to be frustration turns into satisfaction at being able to complete all the missions in a region. But to get to that point you need to analyze the environment, be careful and of course fine-tune your aim.

Here’s how extractions work in this Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six extraction

Knowing that this project was initially going to be called Rainbow Six Quarantine, its final name makes a lot more sense given that it bases its game mechanics on extractions. What’s the point of rescuing an agent? We take it to the extraction point and that’s it. That we miss a goal and become life’s undoing? We extract and that’s it, we’ll try in the next one. That we are lucky enough to successfully complete all missions? We finished the extraction to get out of there alive. And done.

Rainbow Six Extraction offers short but extremely intense experiences where we decide how much to risk. If we risk more, there are better rewards in the form of experience, more lives for injured reserve agents, or even the opportunity to earn badges that show other players how good we are at the game.

Whether alone or with the help of two people, uncertainty will always assail us, not knowing what each card can surprise us with when the goals rotate. There will only be one that has a higher chance of leaving if we failed to extract a disabled agent and have to save him later so he doesn’t suffer penalties with his experience. Because yes, the game punishes us when we fail, to the point of lowering experience and therefore level. It’s extreme cases that can be avoided, it’s not something that happens from the bottom up.

Rainbow Six extraction

The fear is there, no question. It makes us better weigh the risk of continuing with another goal if, for example, we are not doing well in life. Or that we get some more complicated mission that we’re not that comfortable with. And it so happens that some are more “affordable” than others, although the word “affordable” doesn’t fit the experience that Rainbow Six Extraction offers at all. Without going any further, going stealthy, subjecting the enemy to forced warnings to withstand waves until the task is complete, won’t work for some. And it’s not enough to hide, because archaea destroy walls… even reinforced ones.

Yes, this Rainbow Six Siege spin-off inherits the ability to build makeshift walls at specific points on the map, just like other elements of this universe developed by Ubisoft. After all, it is an extension of the same that emerged as a temporary mode a few years ago. By the way, there are up to 18 known Rainbow Six Siege Operators, each with completely unique traits.

The good thing is that the game forces us to try them all, since it’s almost impossible to get out of a mission unscathed. The reason is none other than that using first aid kits does not heal wounds but rather applies reinforcement as a protective shield to have a small margin before injuries occur and our life as such decreases.

There is no permanent death, but almost. It’s something similar to what Ubisoft did with the recent Watch Dogs Legion: when an agent is unconscious, they cover their body in stasis so we can save them in later games, without the ability to play with them until that particular action doesn’t occur . As for the wounded in reserve, they will replenish their life based on a percentage of the experience gained from completing a mission. A number that can range from a very meager 10% (out of 100, by the way) to more than half of life. Brutally.

A gaming experience that goes into crescendo

Rainbow Six extraction

I never thought it would come to this, knowing how much it initially overwhelmed me due to its high demands, but the truth is that Rainbow Six Extraction hooks badly if you know how to play well. In addition, it improves its introductory letter as you level up, forgive the redundancy, each agent by unlocking passive perks based on each one’s unique traits.

This progression is ostensibly aided by conducting on-site studies, which are a series of side quests that bring a lot of experience and serve our global progression. In particular, the milestones that define which regions we can go to (New York, San Francisco, Alaska and Truth or Consequences) and above all give access to its endgame, with this Maelstrom protocol that triggers the difficulty on levels unthinkable. There are no longer three objectives per map, but nine. And with more deadly enemies, while having less pharmacies or ammo, and possibly less time. Damn madness.

In addition, Rainbow Six Extraction holds several surprises in these advanced missions, since there is a kind of “creature” for majors called Proteans. And there the type of tactic to be used is quite different from that used with the rest of the Archaea. Same as Aliens Fireteam Elite surprise, but rolled.

Rainbow Six extraction

Personally, I’ve missed greater flexibility in gear choices, as it’s pretty limiting with two firearms and two objects using REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) technology, the company we work for with the goal of archaea eradication . I say this mainly because of this technology, since two gadgets are not enough, no matter how much I understand that Ubisoft has made it so that the object is not repeated between agents.

Said technology is based on two types: on the one hand there would be smoke grenades, frag grenades, scanners, claymore mines… Anything that you use and throw away, you could say; On the other hand, we have recon drones, second chance revive kits, or even an anabolic accelerator to slowly regenerate health up to a cap of 50. You can’t have everything and each agent should have a specific role to get along better.

When this consensus is reached, the experience becomes very immersive and addictive, as well as rewarding as we successfully complete extremely difficult missions that we didn’t give a penny for at the beginning. It’s a video game that will conquer you little by little, like this bloody slime that doesn’t stop spreading its viscosity around the map if you neglect the nests of archaea.

Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe PS5

Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe PS5

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