The fierce rivalry between SNK and Capcom, the behemoths of arcade battles from Osaka, finally erupted on the eve of the millennium. The makers of The King of Fighters and Street Fighter have come up with amazing crossovers that have exceeded the expectations of arcade and console fans. Well, of all the projects that came out of this battle of the stars, SNK vs. Capcom: Clash was the card battler.

Developed alongside SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium for Neo Geo Pocket, SNK’s handheld console, Card Fighters’ Clash has reimagined the star-studded tag team battles of each house as a trading card game. 1999 something very special, everything has been said. In fact, technically it was a very classic RPG in which the battles were decided on the mats of famous arcades in Japan and, interestingly, the prizes at stake were cards featuring the characters of both companies. From Ikari Warriors to Street Fighter III, via Metal Slug, Strider or Resident Evil.

Both the idea and the format are very, very similar to Pokémon The Trading Card Game on the Game Boy (released in 1998), although to be fair, the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash is simpler, more direct, and faster. Its pace makes the game’s development more entertaining than the Nintendo alternative, and while there’s plenty of scope for strategy, decisions are made almost on the fly. Something that, all said, feels great for your multiplayer when you connect two consoles.

Logically, the essence of this fun and open rivalry was not for one company to prevail over the other, but to please SNK and Capcom fans. Surprise them and offer a fun and original game alternative that, instead of distancing each house, brings together the best of their most popular sagas. Without losing the competitive element that should prevail in fighting games. Card Fighters’ Clash hit all of those targets, and he hit twice more.

Since one of the characteristics of SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash, as a crossover, is that in this mesmerizing battle of the fighter stars in Neo Geo Pocket, choosing a side is not optional since the game was originally released in two editions : the SNK Cardfighter’s version and the CAPCOM Cardfighter’s version. Each with its exclusive maps and characters. Luckily, its rebirth on Nintendo Switch includes both and the ability to switch between them.

Arcades, rivalry and cards that can form super combos

A new obsession has spread to arcades around the world: Company “S” and Company “C” have unleashed the phenomenon known as SC Card Fighters’ Clash, a competitive trading card game that unleashes a real rage by bringing together characters known from sagas like Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, classics like Athena or Ghosts ‘n Goblins and even such extraordinary titles as Super Sidekicks and Power Stone.

The increasing popularity of SC Card Fighters’ Clash and the fever of getting all the cards has led to an announcement that has shaken its fans: the two companies have announced an official tournament that will take place in the most emblematic arcades in Japan. The award? At stake alongside the glory and satisfaction of being the best are never-before-seen cards of tremendous rarity and frightening power.


Shin and Cap, two of the game’s protagonists

Four young people with their own personalities appear as top contenders to win the best prizes of the tournament. The intrepid Shin and Kai are self-confessed devotees of the “S” company and have decks that specialize in the stars of SNK; while brothers Cap and Comet have a special affinity for Capcom cards that makes them virtually unbeatable.

The four young men share a particular determination that will lead them on a tour of the most emblematic arcades, themed stores and corporate locations in Japan: JoyJoy, Lost Worlds, NeoGeo, Plaza Capcom and BioHazard. Each competition won is rewarded with an SC coin, an emblem that brings them closer to the finals of the tournament. Incidentally, it will take place at a location that has not yet been officially announced.

Nswitchds Snkvscapcomcardfighterclash 06

Legendary arcades and themed areas are the perfect backdrops for card tournaments

On the way many fans of SC Card Fighters’ Clash. From beginners to real professionals. Each with their own dedicated decks and strategies. Some are exclusively inspired by very specific games and sagas, others have a theme that includes cards from SNK and Capcom. Because despite the fact that luck is essential in shuffling, collecting new cards and creating a devastating deck will ultimately decide our victory.

Card Fighters’ Clash: Fun games best enjoyed together

Nswitchds Snkvscapcomcardfighterclash 03

Although the game’s premise is very heavily inspired by the Game Boy trading card games of the ’90s – comparisons to Pokémon The Trading Card Game are inevitable – the truth is that the simplicity of Card Fighters’ Clash and its way of infusing its cards and Gameplay mechanics with the charisma and presence of both companies’ heroes and villains makes it a celebration of the shared heritage of SNK and Capcom.

Beyond the RPG aspect of the game itself, throughout the development of the story we find a trading card game that is very easy to understand but offers very interesting possibilities. A game proposal that does not limit itself to benefiting from the charisma of Chun Li, Terry Bogard or Mega Man, but integrates them into the development of the games to give the real feeling of offering team fights.

The premise is the usual one in games like Magic The Gathering: two players have some life points and the goal is to finish off their opponent. To do this, they use up to three in-game cards that represent the Capcom and SNK symbols with their respective battle points, and action cards that specify additional benefits or rules. To play the latter we have to use some soul points and then things get interesting.


Sakura can fuse with Hinata from Rival Schools or Shingo from The King of Fighters.

The cards decay and are defeated by resolving the difference in BP (Battle Points), which serve to indicate both their attack strength and their number of resistance points. However, it is always possible to increase a character’s BP amount by combining or merging related cards or through soul points.

In Card Fighters’ Clash, there is no mana or any type of energy that is generated in turns, but rather SP (soul points), a type of points that come into play every time a character card enters the mat, creating an interesting balance between the strongest and those that offer less damage and resistance. These soul points have three main purposes:

  • The first is to be able to play action cards that generate advantages, attacks or occasional changes to the rules of the game.
  • In addition, some cards have unique abilities that can be activated upon entering the game or used if redeemed for a certain number of Soul Points.
  • Finally there are the Union Attacks, a way of burning part of our Soul Points to create a combo in the game, which is a combined attack with the characters that we have on the table.

For example, we can find two Street Fighter Ryu cards (one based on SF3 and one based on SF Alpha) with different rarities, Battle Points, Soul Points and abilities. And despite the fact that one is much better than the other, if we know how to use the skills and manage the soul points well, we can gradually assert ourselves as we progress through the game.


Used at the right time, action cards can decide about victory

In addition to the above and how Card Fighters’ Clash encourages collecting the 300 cards, there is an additional claim: we will be able to significantly strengthen our characters in the game by merging them with similar characters. The affinity of each fighter can come from the context of each game, but also from an affinity that even exists between the different companies. Now to discover all the combinations and cards we have to play with someone who has the competitive version of our game.

In addition to the prizes and rewards, in Card Fighters’ Clash we can exchange our repeated cards within the game itself for random cards of any rarity. However, we will only complete the collection by exchanging the exclusive versions of the SNK Cardfighter’s Version and the CAPCOM Cardfighter’s Version. This is the second major requirement when combining both editions. The first is how fun the multiplayer is.

Nswitchds Snkvscapcomcardfighterclash 05

The card illustrations exude charisma

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash is an exceptionally fun game and much more fun with two players. Its fast moves and initiatives and game system mean you can have three or four…