Nice mix. The classic American summer camp, a family of rednecks with evil intentions, a monster lurking in the woods, the possibility of reaching the end with all his teenagers alive, and a player disillusioned with the narrative adventure genre.

The Quarry is the game that has taken on the challenge of changing the latter. Interesting story and cinematic experience made me sit on the sofa and let myself fall for the first time. Of course I bring the Three Kings a letter full of requests.

The quarry: a captivating story

Tiptoeing around any hint of spoilers, The Quarry puts us in the shoes of nine camp cops involved in a conspiracy of very bad-tempered locals. Deaths, blood, twists… Very entertaining.

The exploration portion adds tremendous weight to the cutscenes and is directed to very specific areas to gather clues or find collectibles, but there is often a long dwell between one action and the next before the characters move from here to there in the video.

The rest of the situations range from deciding what to say before a particular conversation, dodging an attack by moving the joystick, firing a shotgun at relatively mobile enemies, or holding your breath until the danger passes so you don’t get discovered.

There is a lot of walking at The Quarry. Aside from the possible death of one of the nine characters you’ll be controlling, there are actually a lot of cutscenes that I would have liked to have seen. What I didn’t expect before starting the game is to end up having every intention of satisfying that curiosity.

I hadn’t resorted to this option until now, but when trying to replay the ending to save a character I found myself a bit bored having to go through all the cutscenes and cutscenes without skipping anything. Being able to speed up the latter would have encouraged me more to experiment with each answer.

Maybe part of the trick is not to look under the curtain too much, but in any case I think the passes that follow would be a much more affordable and fun challenge if we could change another aspect of the game that speeds up the process.


It’s the only downside I can attribute to a game that, apart from serious camera issues and sometimes annoying controls, actually does everything it proposes pretty well, from intrigue to what’s to come, to give you the right dose of interaction so you don’t sit back too much.

VidaExtra’s opinion

With online multiplayer planned for July 8th and the ability to enjoy it in local co-op, the idea of ​​sitting in front of The Quarry with friends or your partner is very appealing. Alone, of course, everything will depend on how far you can endure the horrors.

I admit that I quickly lost respect for him, but I still liked him very much. Mixing rednecks and cursed woods is a safe bet, of course. Hopefully even more freedom to face the experience, from the mentioned rewinding to the ability to change the language of the audio. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and once it catches your attention, I’m sure you will too.

The Quarry

The Quarry

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The Quarry

Platforms PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC (Reviewed Version) Multiplayer Yes Developer Supermassive Games Company 2K games will be released on June 10th, 2022

The best

  • A plot full of twists
  • A large number of unlockable paths
  • The challenge of reaching the end with everyone alive


  • The camera leaves a lot to be desired indoors
  • Some cinematics break the rhythm