It can be seen that for the fifth anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo wanted to throw the house out the window due to the number of great games it has released over the past few months and those that are still in the pipeline and waiting to be released in to get to the stores. We recently told you about one of the most promising titles to hit the catalogue, namely Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In the first impressions I commented that the new chapter faced the difficult challenge of overcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is not in vain if we consider that it is a simply unmissable JRPG and above all a video game that Should be part of this collection of everyone who owns the Nintendo console. Of course, his first few hours anticipated the arrival of something truly amazing.

Now that we’ve played it extensively for tens of hours, it’s time to make the final judgment and review how Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is really worth it. We therefore invite you to read the following analysis that we have prepared for the occasion.

Two nations at odds. A story worth framing

With this title I had this feeling all the time, but at the same time I also wanted to take it easy, to enjoy it in peace, because of course it’s a storyline that deserves full attention and doesn’t miss an iota. All of this leads us into a fantasy world inhabited by two great nations that have always fought each other: Agnus and Keves.

The goal they both pursue is to destroy their opponents’ powers, which allows them to absorb their life energy, which is necessary for the machines they control to become unstoppable or deadly. A situation that certainly doesn’t look good and is quite uncomfortable, but the truth is that soldiers are raised from birth not to know any other way of life.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review 04

In addition to doing their best to support their nation, they each have a different mission or personal desire, such as: B. reaching their tenth birthday (what they know as courses) which will allow them to “get home” which they believe will give them peace. Undoubtedly a tedious task considering that throughout their lives they are subjected to incessant wars that do not stop putting their lives on the line.

In the midst of this mess is our protagonist trio from Keves, who at a certain point will face off with three other soldiers from Agnus. This will result in a very close fight that will end in a draw as a more formidable threat emerges that wants to finish off both groups without hesitation.

From that moment the six will strengthen very strong bonds and the true story of discovering the true origin of all of them will begin and the real reason why they were involved in these battles that basically no one wants to continue. This will lead to a journey in which we will not stop experiencing surprising moments, plot twists and the most emotional conversations that will shape us through the way each resident thinks and acts.

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In addition, to make everything look more impressive, we keep showing cinematic sequences, some of them quite long, which make it seem like we are watching an animated film or series, which I wouldn’t mind if it were true at all. And you can be sure that there will be particularly few that will appear throughout the adventure and will be very important in gradually revealing more details of the mysteries of the world.

Also contributing to this is the fact that the dubbing of the individual characters is excellent, with English and Japanese voices and Spanish subtitles. As is usual with video games published by Nintendo, the translation team has once again done a great job, because beyond just translating, they also use very colloquial words, expressions and, above all, stand out for their peculiar way of speaking from the nopon and the puns that they do.

All this during the dozens of hours that the main storyline will simply last, when you have spent an enormous number of hours at the controls, you realize that everything has only just begun and there is still a long way to go . In any case, my fear was that at some point the rhythm would drop, quite the opposite, because it steadily increases and the interest it generates grows by leaps and bounds, to the point where the hours fly by without you noticing it.

The magical open world through which we will travel

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For years, it has become increasingly common to find video games with their own open worlds, which does not mean that they are all equally good. Instead, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could side with those who deserve to be explored top to bottom. It’s amazing how hard the design team has been when it comes to thinking and creating each of the enormous scenarios that we’ll visit in this odyssey, where we’ll be able to interact over time with specific skills that we gain .

From grasslands to caves, past bases, war camps, beaches, lakes and more. Life will be released in all of them, because there will be countless wild creatures everywhere that we can face each other in order to fight and thus gain experience and items. On occasion, however, it will also be necessary to fight back against soldiers from the two nations who do not view our actions, which are seen as acts of rebellion, positively.

Also, sometimes I’ve come across two groups of monsters or soldiers fighting each other, after which a warning will appear on the screen, so you’ll have to decide to offer help to one of the sides and thus get some rewards by returning. These types of encounters aren’t that common either, although they help add more life to the scenarios.

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We can spend hours and hours going from one place to another with the kicks that we are going to hit to get from one side to the other and best of all it is not difficult. Not only because the enemies will keep us entertained, but also because they will invite us to take out our explorer’s vein to find capsules full of objects, ether veins necessary to activate machines and throw hundreds and hundreds of objects are through the ground and that will be very useful for certain actions.

Despite everything, don’t worry because the game offers the possibility of going anywhere quickly in a few seconds, which I found to be another advantage since the loading times are becoming less and less. Likewise, both the main and side missions have the possibility of taking us to our destination along the most appropriate path and thus not getting lost when we go from one place to another.

That’s another, the large number of secondary missions that are delivered to us along the way. The good news is that they don’t have to run errands and kill specific enemies, collect items, or do similar tasks like in other games. Here they all have their backstory, which motivates us even more to complete them with very different goals so we don’t feel like we’re doing the same thing over and over again.

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Among all of them, some stand out dedicated to essential characters, the heroes that sooner or later will join our group as the seventh character, although we can only accommodate one of them at a time. Another reason to take care of them is that they will have their own unique and very powerful classes that we will unlock for the rest of the adventure.

Returning to the subject of objects thrown on the ground, the inhabitants of the colonies of the world will request orders from us so that we can deliver a certain amount of materials that will serve to obtain rewards in exchange and thus the affinity with them and to improve the inhabitants of the colony in question. Over time this will give access to additional bonuses which always come in handy as any help to progress must be welcomed with open arms.

And what will not be missing are the camps so that we can rest in between. Likewise, these places will serve as a base of operations to build gems, cook food and we can even use them to increase the level of the protagonists, which does not mean that from time to time we will encounter creatures, which can reach us 40-50 levels or more and of course you have to ignore them until later.

Beat the enemies with spectacular fights

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As I have already said…