What would have once been my teenage self’s wet dream is now a situation that both overwhelms and exhausts me in equal measure. Between some services and others I have so much to play that I don’t feel like playing anything.

One game to try, another to give it a try… But why waste time on something you’re already seeing that doesn’t grab you? Why invest the few minutes you have when you already assume you won’t get hooked. The paradox of choice goes one step further.

When you don’t feel like playing

It’s one of those times, what can we do? It is neither the first nor will it be the last. They come and go like almost anything that can end up burning through excess, but it’s still annoying, the more I have to play the less I want to do it.

In my case the problem is double because I’m working on it, so at times like this you have to pull the desire out from under the rocks, get rid of that negativity that you only let out when you have something ahead of you, you’re a hobby and not a job, and put your best face against other people’s sweat like you’d like them to do to yours.

And so, with all that balloon in my head and the sum of having already burned all the cartridges of a game that I’ve been returning every two for three with every new content since 2019, I come to the next Anno 1800 expansion knowing that it’s nowhere near is the best time for it.

There’s no big new scenario, just an opportunity to take your islands’ development in the New World a step further with the arrival of the Hacienda. A kind of mansion that is upgraded based on dozens of cosmetic Cucamonadas, aids in the form of new construction for residents and plantations that do not require fertility to advance.


As a fan of the saga, the idea is as eye-catching as it is useful. With the help of new boosters for your citizens and the arrival of fertilizer plants, the ability to skip part of the cycle without having to upgrade islands from the ground up to get a specific material is a gift.

Anno 1800: My Haven game

But on paper, the set was far from an upgrade revolutionary enough to snap me out of the loop I’d been in for the past few weeks. In fact, despite its new mechanics, what I was most looking forward to was being able to continue enjoying the Latin architecture of the time

As always with every new game of Anno 1800, I uploaded the crazy city I had saved and set about creating a new one from scratch. The goal was to get to the New World, see what the new expansion is hiding, and jump to the next pending game.

year 1800

And I say it was because what should have been a few hours of gameplay – thanks to some mechanics I already know – ended up taking a whole afternoon and part of the same night trying out new farm structures and camps, with which I can improve my productivity.

Overcome the Elden Ring hook, no other game has managed to convey that feeling of watching the hours pass without you even realizing it. And so, like so many times before, I had to force myself to uninstall the game.

I’ll be back, I thought as I selected the next game that I would now jump into with great enthusiasm. The great thing about Anno 1800 is that even when all else fails, you always want to come back.

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