After that August 5, 2020, it didn’t happen again. I saw my kids play a few times and stopped some streaming, but other than that I haven’t played Fall Guys again to this day. The game’s arrival in free-to-play format, with a free version for almost every platform, was the perfect excuse to return.

I did it on the Epic Games Store after the initial rush that caused the servers to crash had us fearing the worst. Aside from a few attempts to reach the menu, I had no problems connecting, but the next two hours transported me to this August 5th, 2020 with all the good and bad consequences that entails.

A strange strategy, couldn’t do more

With the Battle Pass, they show that they have perfectly understood the game of suits, a direct legacy of the Fortnite skins that played a major role in Mediatonic’s plans even before Epic bought it.

Even with skins that are far from a Godzilla or an Assassin’s Creed, the improvement in design is more than noticeable. Nothing to see of the dinosaur that you could win at the start of the game with the now available crocodile. These disguises for our Alubie make you want to get hooked in search of another win, but the problem is that everything else keeps pushing you in a different direction.

What was already born with a free-to-play spirit has taken almost two years to complete its transformation and given the time this entails and the number of seasons behind it, the first few games leave me almost a few Throwing hair I don’t have

Always the same cards. Again and again for more than 30 rounds, depending on the challenge at the time. I was about to give up, tired and bored of doing the same thing all the time, but just before giving it up for lost I came across a comment that saved the vote.

He explained that those first games were against bots and, strange as it may seem, things of difficulty as they say, really the games were deliberately that way. You had to keep playing for it to start fitting you properly and to be able to play other levels.

It must be recognized that things will change by then. Not that there are revolutionary ideas behind each new level, but it’s still just as fun and about to burn through all the other levels, I could see myself playing this with friends or the kids an afternoon or two.

However, I doubt it for one simple reason: the pace of Fall Guys is too slow for me. Not because of the short legs of its characters, mind you, but because of the speed with which everything moves from the moment you start the game until you start enjoying it.

fall guys

Find Game, Load Screen, Slow Motion Slideshow, Games, Laggard Camera, Final Verdict and Start Over. If you were lucky, from step number 2, go back to the menu and start over. Too many things to play between so little, and it’s a problem that, moreover, continues to entrench itself in excess in certain tests.

People adapt very quickly to the difficulty and what should have been a challenge that ended in nothing and less ends in a battle over who can last longer who could wait for hours waiting for someone to take a wrong step makes, and it’s over the match. Thankfully, almost always longer than a day without bread, the clock is responsible for avoidance.

I understand everything that has brought Fall Guys to this point, what makes it special and what all this mass of people who are still paying attention to news, skins and season passes two years later see in it. I understand completely. But in my case, as bad as it bothers me, everything bad takes time to overshadow the good for the duration of the game without repeating the same level again. A club that arrives much earlier than I would like.

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