It is often said that whoever strikes first, strikes twice. When the surprise factor is lost, especially when repeating a formula you’ve already seen, the experience wears off and it’s not as fun as it was the first time. And with the latest expansion for Far Cry 6, based on the villain Joseph Seed, that’s exactly what’s happening.

The small gap between Pagan Min – CONTROL and this Joseph Seed – COLLAPSE a month has passed doesn’t help either; when the Vaas Montenegro – MADNESS DLC came out two months before the second. This plethora of spinoffs on the same idea weighs on us no matter how much affection we have for Pagan Min (Far Cry 4) or Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5) as the sadistic villains.

The Word of God intercedes in blood for Joseph

You must reiterate, as we have done with the other DLCs, that it is important to have completed the story of the game in which the villain mentioned above came out, otherwise we will eat SPOILERS with a big bang. And Far Cry 5’s are pretty bold, although at this point they can be seen from Far Cry: New Dawn, its sequel.

Mainly as is logical to touch on plots of great relevance in the plot, seeing some of it from Joseph Seed’s perspective and with moments fantasizing about what could have happened under different circumstances. Therefore the three acolytes of the Father are not missing: Jacob, John and Faith. Neither characters like the protagonist of the main game, nor places where we live in the first-person perspective.

Nothing we haven’t seen in the previous Far Cry 6 spin-offs, with the difference of course the fantasy universe recreated in the mind of Joseph Seed himself. The limit is set by your imagination, as it’s obvious that a trailer doesn’t have a lift…or that a giant statue is floating in the air.

Same pattern but different setting. Here, how could it be otherwise, the religious aspects of the prophet predominate, who presented himself as an unscrupulous god as long as the flock followed his prayers regardless of the consequences. And now his sins are taking their toll on him in this macabre nightmare.

From biblical references like the Garden of Eden to some of the deadly sins that make more sense here than in the Vaas or Min spin-offs, and serve to reflect various characteristics of Joseph Seed between pride, greed and anger (and to improve). , sloth and envy, the tone is slightly different, but in the end the goal remains the same: to escape his mind after collecting three pieces of the holy cross.

And as seen at the end of Far Cry 5, Joseph’s word adheres to the maxim that the end justifies the means. So when the Word of God must be taken in blood, an ungodly person is put to death by forcing a Bible through his mouth. Or leaving him blind after we brutally put our fingers through his eyes. And if there’s one thing I loved about these DLCs, it’s these extremely bestial executions.

This is where the roguelike rate in Far Cry 6 collapses

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For the rest, it repeats the roguelike premise of the previous ones without fully dealing with this veteran formula that is currently living its second youth: because the scenario is not random but we lose almost all our belongings when we die, except for the improvements, which we apply to Joseph Seed based on the issuance of “repentance”, the “currency” when enemies will “purify”.

It differs from Vaas and Min only in a number of traits unique to Joseph Seed, e.g. Like how easy it is to spot your opponent through walls, or the bonuses you get when you’re low on health. The rest is exactly the same, with secondary reveals about stages in this prophet’s life, Armory Challenges to unlock better weapons, Hideouts to have other bases, or Trials to get extra lives.

I loved the formula myself with Vaas, but Ubisoft exhausted interest too soon by over-relying on the appeal of the other villains. And that Pagan Min’s managed to get him to see Ajay Ghale’s adventures through different eyes, unfairly judging him for catching the wave of Far Cry 3 but having with Joseph Seed the “third time happy” is not fulfilled. and In The End It Disgusted Me. And I have to say that Far Cry 5 is probably my favorite of the series.

It’s not bad DLC, but you won’t get any surprises, nor does it fully exploit the Joseph character. Because let’s face it, not even Vaas knew how to do her character justice. It’s hard considering these are short-lived spin-offs designed to repeat with increasing difficulty every time you beat them. Now it can be done cooperatively.

Far Cry 6 Season Pass

Far Cry 6 Season Pass

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VidaExtra’s opinion

In short, the Far Cry 6 Joseph Seed – COLLAPSE DLC shares the same pros and cons as its compatriots, so it depends on which villain you liked the most back then to enjoy it more or less. You won’t find a panacea when it comes to spinoffs, but if you dose each adventure better, you’ll appreciate it. Otherwise they will fill you up too soon…

Joseph Seed: Breakdown

Joseph Seed: BREAKDOWN

Platforms PS5 (verified version), Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Epic Store, Ubisoft Connect, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna Multiplayer Yes, online (two players) Developer Ubisoft Shanghai & Toronto Company Ubisoft Release February 8, 2022

The best

  • Control Joseph and be in his thoughts
  • The gradual difficulty of each mental plane
  • Relive various iconic scenes from Far Cry 5


  • Don’t squeeze the full potential of Joseph
  • More goals are missing