EA Sports knows how to channel true passion for professional football through the FIFA saga. Season after season we’ve seen his custom formula honed and experimentation with his Star Modes. FIFA 22 also opened the door to the long-awaited leap in quality through the new generation systems, and already mid-season, FIFA Mobile reinvents itself to do the same on mobile.

And the thing is, FIFA Mobile isn’t what they call a companion or an app to amplify the experience of consoles and PC: it’s a standalone video game. Another FIFA, unique and adapted to mobile devices. More specifically, a football game tailored to the player profile of iOS and Android.

A FIFA with its daily rewards and bonuses for just participating in the game. With its fleeting events with super exclusive items and also with practically every monetization resource of mobile free-to-play imaginable. Which is not inconsistent with a successful and surprising field experience. Because EA Sports has done its homework when it comes to creating a touch control system that leaves no one behind.

The idea behind the existence of FIFA Mobile is not just to put the very profitable FIFA and EA Sports Ultimate Team in everyone’s pockets. In fact, there is already a dedicated app for this, which allows us to expand our team management and the wild bids of the transfer market without being in front of the TV or our monitor. In fact, FIFA Mobile has unique claims.

That doesn’t mean that, in the end, practically the entire FIFA Mobile experience revolves around getting player cards, packs, and various types of in-game currency. By promoting it, the player turns every minute of the game into rewards. It constantly builds on that immediate or mid-term gratification as we assemble our dream team. Or rather, our Ultimate Team.

FIFA Mobile, the pocket soccer obsession

In this parallel dimension, FIFA Mobile could be said to orbit the major sagas of EA Sports happening on mobile. In fact, Electronic Arts allows itself to abandon the traditional model of annual releases of its sports sagas in favor of a free model with payment options, and advocates updating the existing application season after season.

From this point of view it might seem like a similar move to PES 2021, Konami’s last big football game, but the truth is that the new version of FIFA Mobile introduces enough new features to reconfirm its privileged position on mobile devices. Both in terms of the gaming experience as soon as we step onto the pitch, and in terms of the true engine of the experience: creating and managing the football team of our dreams.

FIFA Mobile 02

Because despite the absurd amount of licenses, shields, player pictures and statistics of its counterpoints on PC and consoles, FIFA Mobile is not the game where you simply choose your favorite club, edit their squad and improvise games against the best teams in the world. There is no classic quick match mode. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, FIFA Mobile isn’t a stripped-down pocket version of Ultimate Team either. It’s a different game designed for a very defined audience.

Starting from this idea and as expected, EA Swiss Sarl – the Swiss division of EA that signs this edition – knows how to welcome both new players and those coming from other more classic versions through a very necessary and grateful series of tutorials on philosophy are the names of the game, its possibilities and above all, they always take us by the hand when it comes to adapting to the endless menus, dropdowns and options to claim rewards.

FIFA Mobile 13

A little further down we will review how FIFA Mobile defends itself against the controls and once we enter the state this is the heart of the experience, but the most important thing is what will really have us and what will shake the battery of our mobiles is the system of progression and rewards. One that was totally focused on making our team devastating in-game. A very different approach to Ultimate Team, yes, but one that maintains the identity of traditional deliveries’ greatest obsession.

Because in FIFA Mobile the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) factor or the way we advance so as not to lose rewards and exclusive or too juicy content is very aggressive. Even more so than on consoles and PC, but the prices are absurdly good too. We’re referring to devastating player cards, tons of in-game currency and upgrade items, and of course countless events happening in parallel that will make us want to connect one game to the next.

FIFA Mobile 03

At this point it’s time to talk about what is and isn’t on offer in FIFA Mobile. Ultimately, the game reveals its own identity there. First of all, EA completely reinterprets Swiss Ultimate Team and its management, incorporates experiences such as Division Rivals and dispenses with complete modes such as VOLTA Football, the aforementioned quick matches or the highly acclaimed career mode. A shame.

Why not introduce these modes? You could say that there are a thousand excuses to jump onto the field and get rewards, but unlike FIFA 22, all our progressions are unified and used to improve our Ultimate Team directly or through improvements. The same applies to a transfer market (not transfer market) with its own bidding system that was created specifically for the occasion.

Why not unify FIFA 22 progression with FIFA Mobile? Basically because it’s a different game. Unlike eFootball, the EA Sports football saga is not cross-platform. FIFA 22 doesn’t even offer crossplay between systems. In FIFA Mobile – at least in the iOS version – you can’t even link your game to your EA Account, although you can link the game to Game Center, your Apple or Facebook account to play it on another mobile device like a iPhone or an Android continue or a tablet.

FIFA Mobile 14

Now, a curious point of the new version of FIFA Mobile is that there is now a regional distinction, so you can no longer play online with friends who are in a different region than yours.

And FIFA Mobile never hides, despite the acronym of the comprehensive football proposal and all the prospects of FIFA on consoles and PC, to offer an alternative that, as we say, was created for mobile users. The player who can spend a weekly amount of real in-game currency, yes, but who is also used to constantly progressing and constantly collecting prizes. Participate in immediate events and improvise short games. Especially when they are well rewarded.

Which brings us to a key point: what’s FIFA Mobile like beyond the menus?

What’s it like playing a FIFA game on a touch screen?

FIFA Mobile 24

As we mentioned in the beginning, the FIFA saga is synonymous with football obsession. And if pro football’s star system is one of its great foundations, providing a comfortable experience when putting on our shoes is and should be the priority. And in this regard, FIFA Mobile knows how to achieve its status as a freemium game and become a textbook example.

FIFA Mobile cannot be compared to the rest of the customizations. Neither visually nor playable nor performant. Not even on the Switch, and Nintendo’s legacy editions should take note of the implementation of certain touch controls. And despite this, it manages to surprise both the experienced player and the casual fan of the beautiful game: it is not a light version of FIFA, but a unique football game, tailor-made and which, moreover, knows how to press the EA License .

FIFA Mobile 04

Slider or touch controls? Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

The first thing to consider is how FIFA Mobile overcomes the great challenge of mobile soccer games: touch controls. And the proposed solution is mixed, it works and it’s quite successful. We can perfectly combine the use of a digital control with the alternative of some controls, enough to be able to move or select them in the blink of an eye.

From the start there is a digital control that adapts the keys to what is happening on the screen and does it in a very intuitive way. We can fully customize its size and visibility through the options, but it rarely gets annoying since the multi-camera system (one of the novelties of this part) works quite well.

FIFA Mobile 23

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by defense, forget the buttons and track the shot toward goal

In addition to being able to pull the d-pad in the blink of an eye, which is a complete success, when we play offensive we not only have the shot and pass buttons, but also sprint and dexterity are efficiently combined: within the same button we can use different types of Change settings.

FIFA Mobile 06

Defense’s auto mode saves you more than one disappointment

And if we don’t use the traverse for a…