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They are an atypical Christmas party. What used to be trips from here to there is now limited to sheltering at home, eating like pigs and playing a lot as a family. We’ve spent this vacation between board games and Magic: The Gathering, and while I understand it must have been complicated for others, I have to admit that it was a real joy for me.

I had time to rest, play with the kids, watch all the movies that stuck with me, and of course, continue messing around with the vice of alchemy. It’s definitely become my new favorite Magic Arena mode.

While I’m slowly but surely continuing to do my thing to keep improving our deck and climbing positions, I wanted to give a cape to the many players coming into play now who need something more solid to climb positions in the classification. . .

Here are five certified Magic decks to make climbing the Alchemy leaderboard a breeze. I hope that both the user guide and the ability to import the deck to MTG Arena will be of great use to you.

A fast and deadly white deck

Borrowing from the last white mono decks we’ve seen in Competitive Standard, which we collected in our recent list of the best Magic decks, this is all about snorting fast and killing as fast as possible.

There aren’t any new Alchemy maps beyond the nerf for a Luminarch contender that’s still just as valid, but other synergies that we thought were abandoned are being sought, like Sungold Sentinel’s exile, around the Unestone Familiar that is more important when it fits in good company.

Two big keys in this deck’s strategy. On the one hand, the Skyruin Ghost, which allows us to further stop the enemy’s advance where the portable hole cannot reach. On the other hand, a Reidane, the goddess of the worthy, who will halt the enemy advance by torpedoing some most likely snowy lands from her deck. I’ll leave you with the hammer.

  • 2 Adeline, Fulgurating Cathars (MID) 1
  • 2 Elite Spellcatchers (STX) 17
  • 2 Reidane, goddess of the worthy (KHM) 21
  • 3 Thalia, Warden of Thraben (Oath) 38
  • 3 Brutal Cathars (MID) 7
  • 3 Skywreck Ghost (ZNR) 39
  • 4 Aspirant Luminarch (ZNR) 24
  • 4 Sungold Sentinel (MID) 37
  • 4 Fearless Adversary (MID) 25
  • 4 Fallen Escort (KHM) 35
  • 4 Onestone Familiar (STX) 31
  • 2-Hole Portable (AFR) 33
  • 3 Anonymous Shelter (KHM) 255
  • 20 Snow Plain (KHM) 277


  • 1 Adeline, Cathar Fulgurant (MID) 1
  • 1 Reidane, goddess of the worthy (KHM) 21
  • 1 Skywreck Ghost (ZNR) 39
  • 2 Cathar Raiders (MID) 10
  • 2 Celestial Ruins Mace (ZNR) 27

A black and white hammer just as bloody as a blue one

We threw away the zombie pudding we’d been eating for weeks to make a black and white deck that actually smells blue. Absolute control of the table to leave your opponent with no options while waiting for the final spin.

A damn deck to play and even harder to counter. Deathtouch from creatures like the Deadly Stinger or those snorted by Kaya, Geist Hunter, really doesn’t matter. Here we come to stop the opponent by constantly blowing up his hand and the table.

Infernal Grasp, Deadly Feud, Blood in the Snow, Hookflesh Massacre… All focused on leaving the opponent with no options on the table for Lolth and her spider army to do the rest. More help? Well, there’s the immortal Edgar, pleased friend to close the circle.


  • 2 Deadly Sting (Oath) 112
  • 3 Symbology Teachers (STX) 24
  • 4 Foul Ghost (AFR) 119
  • 4 bat (STX) 70
  • 4 Edgar, enchanted friend (oath) 236
  • 1 Infernal Grip (MID) 107
  • 3 Dematerializing Verse (STX) 244
  • 4 Deadly Feud (AFR) 94
  • 3 Blood in the Snow (KHM) 79
  • 3 The Meathook Massacre (MID) 112
  • 1 Kaya, Ghost Hunter (VOW) 240
  • 4 Lolth, the Spider Queen (AFR) 112
  • 1 Field of Ruins (MID) 262
  • 4 Path of Radiant Upswing (ZNR) 259
  • 4 Anonymous Shelter (KHM) 255
  • 4 Schneefeld Gorge (KHM) 269
  • 5 Snow Plain (KHM) 277
  • 6 Snowy Swamp (KHM) 281


  • 2 compulsion (MID) 98
  • 1 Split Soul (ZNR) 127
  • 1 Environmental Sciences (STX) 1st
  • 1 Necrotic Fumes (STX) 78
  • 2 Pet Show (STX) 5
  • 1 compulsion (MID) 98
  • 2 Debilitating Fear (KHM) 82
  • 2 Go empty (STX) 72
  • 3 Graveyard Invader (MID) 104

The classic green monkey deck in the Alchemy version

With the arrival of Alchemy, there was a chance to see the classic green deck that’s been played so much for the past few months in the fall. Time has shown that it’s still as devastating as before and now there are new friends to boot.

The Embrace of the Rising Packleader contributes to the arrival of the Tenacious Pup and its valuable +1/+1 buff with trample and vigilance. Along with them comes a Garruk, the Wrath of the Wild, accompanying Wrenn and Seven to create a devastating line of attack.

Actually, played well, it’s a good substitute for the Unnatural Growth that falls out of this variant, but otherwise it’s all the familiar stuff with some valuable additions like Autumn Augur, which we took care of raising a few weeks ago. Here it is.


  • 2 August Fall (MID) 168
  • 2 Ascending Pack Leader (Vow) 186
  • 3 winter sculptors (KHM) 193
  • 4 Tenacious Pup (Y22) 56
  • 4 Pack Leader Werewolf (AFR) 211
  • 4 Ancient Wilderness Troll (KHM) 185
  • 2 Esikas A-Wagen (KHM) 169
  • 1 inscription (ZNR) 186
  • 2 Snakeskin Veils (KHM) 194
  • 4 Skirmishes in the Blizzard (KHM) 162
  • Class 2: Pathfinder (AFR) 202
  • 2 Wrenn and Seven (MID) 208
  • 2 Garruk, Wrath of the Wild (Y22) 47
  • 2A – Anonymous Shelter (KHM) 255
  • 2 Hydra’s Lair (AFR) 259
  • 2 Kazandu mammoth (ZNR) 189
  • 20 Snow Forest (KHM) 285

Black deck with a combination of life and blood

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve fallen onto this deck from one of those tragedies that take my life from blood counter combos and creature deaths. To piss you off like a monkey, yes play and play too.

If you want to be on the other side, it is important to know what you come for, losing life in the hope that the witch will become a victim of curses on the one hand and the blood summoner of Voldaren on the other to save your voice in the form of cards crazy and blood tokens.

From there, it’s time to fend off the enemy’s attacks until the life combos of Agadeem’s Awakening or Hookflesh Massacre do the rest. As you control your life points and rival’s deaths, it won’t take long to see their apparent comeback turn into disaster.


  • 2 Voldaren Bloodcasters (Oath) 137
  • 2 concealing curtains (VOW) 101
  • 4 Cursed Witch (Y22) 24
  • 4 Foul Ghost (AFR) 119
  • 4 Deadly Sting (Oath) 112
  • 3 Infernal Grip (MID) 107
  • 4 Deadly Feud (AFR) 94
  • 2 Agadeem’s Awakening (ZNR) 90
  • 3 Blood in the Snow (KHM) 79
  • 3 The Meathook Massacre (MID) 112
  • 4 Bloody Brush Stroke (Y22) 32
  • 3 Lolth, the Spider Queen (AFR) 112
  • 2A – Anonymous Shelter (KHM) 255
  • 20 Snowy Swamp (KHM) 281


  • 1 Debilitating Fear (KHM) 82
  • 1 breaking expectations (Y22) 26
  • 1 Infernal Grip (MID) 107
  • 2 Go empty (STX) 72
  • Find 2 traps (AFR) 92
  • 2 Eaten Alive (MID) 99
  • 3 Attenuating Beam (AFR) 116
  • 3 compulsion (MID) 98

Red and green wolf overdose

If you’re starting to get bored playing with the mono-green but don’t want to let down your friends the wolves, keep an eye out for this red-green combo that’s been hitting the Alchemy meta for the past few weeks.

A lightning fast deck with a bunch of insanely useful little creatures to buff each other with. Of course, it’s better to be well stocked with wild cards since the deck is full of legends. Don’t worry because each of them is invaluable for what is to come.

You’ve got plenty of creatures, mana, buffs, and stealing thanks to everyone’s special abilities, and for dessert an Arlinn, hope of the pack becoming unstoppable if you know how to defend them well. One thing is clear: you will not be bored.


2 Moody Hermit (Oath) 162 2 Irritable Pyromaniac (Oath) 181 3 Tovolar, the Dire Lord (MID) 157 4 Tovolar, the Dire Lord (MID) 246 4 Rising Rudel Leader (YELLOW) 186 4 Kessig Naturalist (MID) 231 4 Leader of the Werewolf Pack (AFR) 211 2 Serpentine Veil (KHM) 194 3 Icy Bite (KHM) 138 3 Blizzard Skirmish (KHM) 162 3 Class: Scout (AFR) 202 2 Arlinn, Hope of the Pack (MID) 211 2 Tal of Landslides (MID) 266 4 Highland Forest (KHM) 261 4 Ridgeridge Trail (ZNR) 261 4 Snowy Mountain (KHM) 283 10 Snowy Forest (KHM) 285