On the day we attended the presentation of Crossfire Legion followed by access to its beta on Steam, its managers took little time to remind us of the overwhelming numbers of the original Crossfire since its launch in 2007 for Asian territory : 698 million players from 88 different countries and with a TV series in China that attracted 1,800,000,000 viewers. Insane!

Logically, most of the success of this shooter from the Korean studio Smilegate comes from the Chinese market, which has a much higher population density than the West. And let’s not forget that tastes usually differ, although now with the premiere of CrossfireX, an attempt has been made to Westernize its proposal a bit. The problem is that its debut on Xbox Series and Xbox One wasn’t without its problems, apart from looking like an FPS that came out 10 years ago…

CrossfireX needs improvement to stand out

I won’t lie to you, my first impression with CrossfireX was very bad. Aside from the bug that still persists with Xbox Game Pass by not allowing access to one of the two campaigns (Operation Catalyst) as announced days ago, I entered Classic mode in this episode to see as was the original Crossfire experience, with no additions. And arguably the most shocking thing here is that you can’t zoom in with the gun. In addition, the standard sensitivity is very high and must be adjusted via options. And by the way modify the optics.

Detonation mode, one of four available in Classic mode, took me back to the days of the first Counter-Strike in internet cafes. But not in a good way. It doesn’t add anything that hasn’t already been seen, nor does it make it any better than the genre’s references. Of course, everything in CrossfireX is designed so that the games are short but intense: small maps and very clear objectives.

The spirit of Call of Duty immediacy reigns supreme here, scoring kills with extremely few shots and returning to the action a second later. However, all of the Classic modes (Detonation, Specter, Team Duel, and Nano) suffer from the same problem: what was said at the outset is the total lack of zoom for weapons. And today it is something unimaginable.

Nothing to do with modern mode. We can zoom there, although there are unexplained problems with certain weapons from time to time, such as the zoom switching on and off automatically after each shot. It’s not an anecdotal bug, because the game is full of them: from black screens at the beginning of the game to others that more or less affect control, it gives the feeling that it was launched in a hurry and should have been became its Premiere delayed on Xbox consoles. Also for what is revealed in Game Pass.

Also, he pays little attention to current shooters in terms of weapons by not being able to see their stats. We’re testing what’s there and how little we’re unlocking while improving our profile to see which one we’re more comfortable with. But it’s clear that it can’t keep up in terms of content either, as there’s only a single map available for each mode.

So when we play detonation mode (both in Classic and Modern) the map is always that of Black Widow; just as Specter will be the lab or the team duel in the transport ship. And that’s going to be hard in the long run as we’re missing out on a greater variety of scenarios, no matter how free-to-play it is.

If he is forgiven for his mistakes and shortcomings, he is having fun


Needless to say, not all modes stand out equally, regardless of the issue between classic versus modern mode. And here we have to make a nuance: the Modern mode only has the Detonation modes (like the Classic) and Point Capture, awaiting the future inclusion of Escort.

The one to which I devoted the most hours was precisely the point capture, as it offers a more frenetic style, forcing you to capture two hot spots on the map until an explosion forces you to exit the building to capture it to control the last point and see who wins the game It’s a constant give and take, as much as it falls short of the bar of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy.

And what are the differences between modern and classic? Apart from the zoom, in two specific additions: in modern mode we must spend three points at the beginning of each game to develop the tactical growth of our character. From here you can improve your rate of fire and speed, or even unlock a handy pistol shield. The other addition comes from some of the experience we get in battle, being able to spend that “money” on three perks: a heartbeat sensor, the Specter suit, or the bogeyman.

The first perk is not very mysterious and easily shows the enemy on the radar. The second is an invisible suit, the same one used in the Classic mode’s Specter mode, with the difference that here we don’t just stick to the use of the knife. And finally, the third, after seeing an animation falling from the sky, turns us into a killing machine with 600 health points (500 more than the standard soldier) and two machine guns. And to top it off, life recovers. Well, these benefits are “strips”: after use, you need to buy them again, beware.


The trick with CrossfireX’s nano mode is to come in here and just shoot.

Logically, with these advantages of Modern mode, the seriousness of Classic mode is lost, even if the latter plays with something similar in Nano mode, with some monsters infecting the rest. With that in mind, let’s go back to what was said a few paragraphs ago: there are modes that do not go well with CrossfireX and Nano is one of them, especially because of the design of its card.

And it’s that the excitement of seeing how you can become a monster when a “nano” kills you dissipates when you make sure there’s a safe area to duck through. There is an insurmountable bottleneck for the enemy, let’s go…

On the other hand, the large number of crashes in the middle of the game does not help, certainly due to the bugs that appear nowadays, such as the black screen, the zoom that comes and goes, or another series of problems. But the truth is that if we overlook these details, CrossfireX can bite us in some game modes of the likes of Point Capture or Specter. This is the most striking of all, since it is a variant of Detonation, but with the equipment that must be deployed the bomb equipped with knife and invisible suit. There’s tension.

CrossfireX (Ultimate Pack).  Includes Season 1 Premium Battle Pass and Operation Catalyst and Operation Specter campaigns.

CrossfireX (Ultimate Pack). Includes Season 1 Premium Battle Pass and Operation Catalyst and Operation Specter campaigns.

RRP in the Microsoft Store €29.99

Since the campaign issue wasn’t resolved in Game Pass, which is what I most eagerly awaited after involving Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake) in its story, I expected a lot more “from the most-played shooter in history” in its current version. I’ll keep playing to complete its challenges, but apart from the surprise with its campaign, its quality is far from any current FPS.