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In the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about Magic: The Gathering deck building, synergies and combos. While building a good deck from scratch in Standard or Alchemy sounds like a tall order, it must be crazy to do so in formats like Vintage.

Even go in search of very specific challenges, such as: B. creating a deck that can be cut in half and still have a chance of winning, or inventing a combination that gives you infinite turns, or, even more difficult, continue to win the first round. A mastery of the game and its card catalog that borders on perfection.

Ever since I started this journey of Magic Chronicles, the challenge has seemed the hardest of all. Know a vast majority of the best Magic cards out there, and know how to use them and combine them into a perfect deck. One that any expert can say, “Hey, that’s a great idea” or “This combo is cool.”

A different way to enjoy Magic

However, it’s a goal I consider lost even before launch. Gone are the years when “being the best at something” was a constant in my mind. It’s good to have ambition, but it’s impossible to achieve everything, and I admit, since I changed the chip, I live much more calmly.

Not only is the pressure you take off a huge relief, but it also helps you see things from a different perspective and, as happens to me with Magic, also enjoy them in a special way.

Of course, in favor of the fights with Raquel from 3DJuegos, despite what it sometimes looks like in the videos, it’s a very healthy competition and we both had a lot of fun playing draft mode together. But beyond that, I have no intention of becoming a Magic Master because I know the pursuit will be more stressful than rewarding.

Like someone playing soccer with friends on a Sunday morning, I want to enjoy Magic like one of the others, play for the laughs to have fun, and be amazed every time I see a great player unleash a combo that breaks mine soul bursts . I don’t know if this will happen to you too, but it drives me insane every time an opponent messes me up in a way I didn’t see coming.

How to win in one round at Magic

With this idea in mind, I went on a journey a few days ago and tried to push these combos to the extreme. I wanted to admire what an experienced player can do under the best possible conditions. Answer the question what is the craziest combination you can create in Magic without any restrictions.

A whopping 14 years ago, a certain Josh Combs, a channel that until then had had thousands of views and has dropped to just a dozen after a notable hiatus and swapping cards for short game clips, presented the following video to the world. In it, he claimed, you could win a game in round 0. Before it was your turn.

  • You must first decide if you want to draw, given the choice to go or draw first.
  • The Gem Caverns you have in your hand will be played.

“If Gem Caverns is in your opening hand and you don’t play first, you may begin play with Gem Caverns in play with a Fortune token on it. When you do, remove a card from your hand from play. {tap}: Add {1} to your mana pool. If gem caves have a lucky counter, add one mana of any color to your mana pool instead.”

  • Discard the Guardian Spirit of Monkeys or Guardian Spirit of Elves.

“Remove Ape Guardian Spirit from the battlefield: Add {Red} to your mana pool.” “Remove Elvish Guardian Spirit from the battlefield from your hand: Add {Green} to your mana pool.”

  • Tap Gem Caverns to add blue to your mana pool.
  • play Flash.

You may play a creature card from your hand, if you do, sacrifice it unless you can pay its reduced mana cost by 2.

  • Play a mutable titan.

When Mutable Titan dies, search your library for any number of creature cards with a total converted mana cost of 6 or less and put them onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.


  • If you don’t have your hands on the Protean Titan, use Summoner’s Pact to find it.

“The Summoner’s Pact is green. Search your library for a green creature card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library. At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay {2}{Green}{Green}. Otherwise, if you do, you lose the game.”

  • Destroy the Protean Titan to activate its ability.
  • Find 4 Vault Apprentices and put them into play.

Whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from play, you may have target opponent lose 1 life.

  • Find 4 Shifting Wall, 4 Phyrexian Reaver and put them into play.
  • Since there are 8 0/0 artifacts, they die when they enter the battlefield.
  • The 4 Vault Disciples deal a total of 32 damage by sending all 8 artifacts to the graveyard.

Almost as interesting as looking at the combo itself is a look at the 14 years of comments people have left on YouTube. Some congratulate Combs on this achievement, others start an even more interesting debate about the feasibility of the combo.

Logically you are faced with something that you would hardly be able to play in a competition if the rules were not as loose as possible, but in any case it perfectly reflects the idea that we discussed at the beginning.

Exciting defeats

The level of experience required to envision a combination like this is as impressive as it is overwhelming. And yet it’s not something I’d be frustrated about in a game for two very simple reasons.

First up is the hand of the wizards, who tinker with anything that might harm the base game experience. The one of these combo, to put it somehow, is far from the game’s usual tonic. It’s something you’ll never come across.

Secondly, it will always be a special occasion to come across something like this precisely because of this protection of these tweaks that we appreciated so much with the arrival of Alchemy a few weeks ago.

A front to marvel and amaze, until days, hours or even minutes later, someone with half their brains arrives and says “hey, this can’t be played because it destroys the experience”. Because in the end anything goes as long as both players enjoy the game.