Michael, Franklin and the damn Trevor have been with us for almost ten years, and that’s a long time when it comes to video games. But we have to acknowledge that the time was wonderful for these three villains. The leading trio of the best and most brutal Rockstar game. GTA V and GTA Online are coming through the front door on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and this new release is not only the perfect excuse for those interested in tackling it for the first time or picking it up again, it also rewards Solomonic for all who put countless hours into it.

And the big milestone of GTA V in the new generation systems is not that its open world looks like it started yesterday, which literally happened, but how it maintains its original sensations and constantly invites us to explore them on the put your head down. It’s chaos and free will, yes, but also pure and simple fun. Sensations that are given greater prominence in GTA Online, the alternative to Custom Mode that has become the game’s true star experience in its own right.

At this point, the question becomes: if I already own the PS4 or Xbox One version, how far is it worth taking the plunge? After more than twelve hours of gameplay alternating between the two versions, the answers appear on the screen and you can even feel the controls. But the short summary is that it’s all advantages: fooling around in Los Santos at 60fps is no longer a privilege reserved for desktop gamers, and all that has been achieved will be found in its place. If you want to continue your previous game, of course.

GTA V looks scandalous on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and despite the fact that there are also very specific aspects typical of the games of 2013, it still retains its original excellence. The story mode continues to be on par with the best games of all time and the way of welcoming you to its multiplayer variant if you’ve never entered it, which is possible, is unmatched: among the novelties, given you all kinds of facilities, a generous amount of money to start your own crime empire, and all the lessons you’ve learned over almost a decade of GTA Online. Which is not a little.

With that approach, it’s time to get down to business: Rockstar wants its best game to be measured against new action titans and great open-world games. The latest and those to come. And despite the fact that the bulk of the new content in these new editions isn’t focused on those who have poured many hours into the two experiences, the work behind it is greater when it comes to dressing it up and taking advantage of the current console offerings to use What a patent

The DualSense thing is amazing, but I’m still sticking with Quick Resume

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When I started playing GTA V on my Xbox 360 in 2013, I knew I would spend many hours in the open world that was slowly opening up to me. Even considering that a new generation of consoles was just around the corner. But I confess that even in my most optimistic predictions, I never saw that almost ten years later I would continue to behave like a vandal. Today it not only exudes the same grandeur, but is even more dazzling.

At VidaExtra we had the opportunity to play the Xbox Series X version and we also tested its PS5 counterpoint to see the possible differences in the face of DualSense. The first thing we can confirm is that all of your progress in Story Mode can be carried over once to any next-gen console, using Rockstar’s Social Club as a generational bridge.

Screenshot 7100

Well, and this is important, the GTA$ you bought with real money in GTA Online based on Shark Cards can only be transferred between platforms of the same family, while the GTA$ earned with them will be transferred during migration, no matter on which platform.

Visually, GTA V and GTA Online still impress. Not as in the photorealistic videos achieved with mods on PC, but in the exploitation of the technology of both consoles it is amazing: we can switch between three visual modes in the blink of an eye and with a simple adjustment:

  • Fidelity mode offers true 4K resolution with ray tracing and a stable 30 fps, which matches the same performance offered on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The performance mode that favors the fluidity of the game by betting on 60 fps and a rescaled 4K resolution on both consoles. An alternative that, all things said, is overshadowed by the third solution.
  • Finally, we have the ray tracing performance mode, which explains itself pretty well: upscaled 4K resolution, 60fps performance, and ray tracing technology. where’s the trick Basically, the Xbox Series S consoles are exempt from this option.

Once the presentations have been made, it’s time to talk about how these improvements are manifested in the game and three references, for example:

gta5 003

  • Although the models are the same, the great motion captures and new level of detail make it look like a modern game.


  • The luminosity, the use of HDR and the reflections in the cars of everything shown on the screen (at least when they are still in one piece) surprise.


  • And the treatment of the interiors, including the smallest details or the floor itself, gives new strength to the original work.

The resolution levels and enhancements on virtually every texture are insane. From the walls to the details of the clothes or the tattoos of the protagonists. Rockstar did their homework and what they accomplished fills the screen. As you can see above, reflections and lighting off exposed cars or on the ground itself really add to the experience thanks to ray tracing.

And note that in Fidelity mode the quality loses that spectacular fluidity, but the result is still impressive. Not only if we compare it to the PS3 or Xbox 360 version, but also to the previous generation versions. So the inexhaustible open world before us has been endowed with more richness and consistency.

gta v 002

Very special mention for surround sound. One of the greatest advances of the new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which in this new version gains more weight and presence, giving new expression to the dialogues, the shooting and the life that emerges from the urban and natural environments in which we are immersed preserve textures . An absolute success.

Summarizing the similarities, it’s time to talk about the differences between the two new versions and that’s where the two consoles come out on top:

  • PS5 players will benefit from DualSense, allowing them to feel everything that manifests on screen in the palm of their hand, whether aiming the triggers or driving. And although it is difficult to get used to shooting and aiming with the resistance of the adaptive triggers, Rockstar was able to use this technology very well.
  • On the other hand, I found one factor on the Xbox that convinced me to continue my previous game on it: the Quick Resume. Something the Xbox One version broadly already had, but when we add the reduced loading times (also on PS5) to the ability to leave my game on an almost indefinite standby, we have the perfect excuse to continue Increasing our playing hours to worrying numbers.

And what about bugs and game errors? Aside from a few textures that took a little longer than expected to load, my experience on both consoles is smooth. At least during the 8 hours of play I spent on Xbox Series X and the four I dedicated to PS5. In the absence of final impressions, it’s clear that Rockstar has avoided the same issues of the GTA trilogy in the face of these next-gen system overhauls of GTA V and GTA Online.

Screenshot 7103

In fact, there are many reasons to jump into the online experience on Xbox Series X and PS5. Especially now that it can be bought individually and even more so with PS Plus, since the first three months we can claim and get GTA Online and enjoy it as much as we want if we have an active subscription on PS5.

4 million reasons to play GTA Online

The early days of GTA Online were a disaster. Today, for many, it’s the main experience of GTA V. So much so that it’s already the main attraction for more and more players. And while the story mode constantly invites us to squeeze into Rockstar Games’ craziest and most explosive open world, the true greatness of Los Santos is manifested when we let Franklin, Michael and Trevor do as they please and start to forge our own legend.

GTA Online benefits from the very beginning of all the improvements and advantages of the new version of GTA V. And we have to admit that improvising heists or driving at full speed at 60 fps is a joy that finally manifests itself on consoles. But no less interesting is that, as we have already mentioned, Rockstar has given itself autonomy to the online experience and that implies news and a big change.


  • The first is that if we decide to start from scratch we will get a lot of facilities. More specifically, four million…