Milestone has informed motorcycle fans very well and MotoGP 22 shows it. The Italians are bringing the Motorcycle World Championship back to all consoles and desktop systems with a delivery that unleashes all the potential of the official video game, completing a saga that they have inherited and that they can already consider their own thanks to very well distributed achievements new content that should provide more excitement. What every fan of the world’s greatest motorcycling competition can expect.

A delivery that capitalizes on the demands of the new season and, all said, strives from the start to open up a little more to the general public without sacrificing its identity to the controls. And although motorsport, approached through simulation, is a gaming experience for a very defined profile, what MotoGP 22 puts to our controls narrows the fork more. Now, in the end, the passion for motorcycling outweighs the experience. As it should be.

However, between the achievements and novelties of MotoGP 22 compared to its previous edition, present from the start and always in sight, do not expect a great technical or visual leap. Milestone has outlined its mastery of the Unreal Engine, but you’ll notice the change more in the game options than on the screen itself. On the other hand, at a speed of over 250 kilometers per hour, there is not much room to perceive the small details.

Does that mean MotoGP 22 isn’t looking good? Not at all: all the screenshots you’ll see below are from the PS5 version, with one exception, which we detail so you can compare how the game looks on the eighth-gen consoles. Or at least on PS4. And yes, we can already tell you that the DualSense motion control system also applies to DualShock 4, although if it’s your first MotoGP, the first thing you should do is go to the Academy.

MotoGP 22 is a step forward within the saga itself, both since Milestone fully took over the reins of the brand in MotoGP 13 (almost ten years ago!) and since it started being played in video games. But what really solidifies this new installment and gives it character is not what has improved from the previous one in terms of essential aspects, but what it brings to the player through new ways of embracing the passion for motorcycling. And that’s an achievement in itself, any way you look at it.

Especially because, as we shall see, Milestone brings together in the same game the best of the current season and a historic year: the Italians take the trouble to celebrate that MotoGP 09 that Capcom has placed in the hands of Monumental Games (Milestone participated as a developer in the previous two installments) and emerges victorious by offering a curious new gameplay that, while not repeatable in any way, we hope to see in future installments.

MotoGP 22 is the new step forward in motorcycling in video games

Motogp Tm 22 20220420235739

Being the official video game of the motorcycle world championship has advantages and obligations. Milestone knows this very well and applies it to MotoGP 22, thinking not only of those who are passionate about the saga, but also of those who will own the official video game of the competition. Or rather the competitions: in terms of content, everything you can expect from the 2022 season is in front of you, including more than 120 drivers and more than 20 official tracks. A devastating number, no matter how you look at it.

Where are so many people from? From the start, MotoGP 22 offers the possibility to access the ongoing content of MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE; in addition to the already mentioned 2009 season, which incidentally stars in its own game mode. And it’s not an additional supplement or extra: the NINE experience, 2009 season is one of the main novelties of this edition. But we will get to it.

Motogp Tm 22 20220420223657

As for the circuits, we have them all. As good and resounding as it sounds. There are no fewer than four Spanish circuits, and while the country’s flag only flies above the Jerez circuit, you can also compete in Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia. Switching to the fast modes you can also customize the environmental conditions to your liking or choose the variable climate alternative, although there are some other tracks that don’t allow us to play with the seasons.

All in all, struggling with the weather or experimenting with driving on wet surfaces or in the rain is a real challenge of skill, considering that having excellent skills and reflexes is not enough (unless we activate the appropriate tools). but that we must always keep in mind the physics of our motorcycle and the rider himself or the wear and tear of the wheels. Something that adds difficulty but also a special identity to the driving experience.

From here the first litmus test: what does MotoGP 22 look like on screen? The quick answer is that it looks just like you’d expect from a Milestone motorcycle game: the recreations of the bikes and circuits are superb, and the portraits of the real riders have been made more expressive and processed. . Drivers aside, however, don’t expect a drastic jump from last season.

Motogp Tm 22 20220421014325

MotoGP 22 on PS5

Motogp Tm 22 20220421004131

MotoGP22 on PS4

An appreciation from here: Milestone has made the generational leap in MotoGP 21, taking advantage of the new consoles’ hardware to offer higher resolution, almost lag-free load times and most importantly, a fluidity that suits the user beautifully. However, compared to the PS4 version, we will find that the two games are very close in terms of models and details. One wonders if the Italians are realizing the full potential of the new generation or have used their hardware advantages to offer a looser and more appreciative edition.

However, true motorcycle fans will not spend all their time looking at the road and in their rear-view mirrors: in addition to the theme editor and the possibility of creating our own character for the main modes of the saga (the mythical career and the seasons of all life), has when tuning our bike, both before the ride and during the race, it obtained a grateful greater depth, which allows us to manually control elements such as the RHD locking mechanism or make us pay much more attention to the wear of wheels, the tires of which are more realistic, with the good and the challenge that this brings.

Motogp Tm 22 20220421002512

But despite the fact that we will collide with the motorcycle several times, we will only see scratches on our motorcycle. We can get up and configure how we return to the race, although most likely we’ll prefer to rewind a few seconds before losing control. An option that can be activated or deactivated on the fly if desired.

Those coming from the previous edition may consider these tweaks and the look of the game in motion as a very moderate evolution. And we won’t deny it, MotoGP 22 doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t impress on screen with the same force it did when Milestone made the jump to the Unreal engine. But like we said at the beginning, what really gives shape and identity to this new season of content is its game modes. Especially if we also have split screen games this year.

This is how you experience the world’s largest motorcycle competition in video games

Motogp Tm 22 20220420231157

With the experience on motorcycles more or less defined, it’s time to talk about how we can experience the motorcycle world championship from the comfort of our own homes and the truth is that MotoGP 22 has all the meat in this aspect sticks on the grill so we can address its circuits how and with who we want. Promote that we run our own events, share races with other players and of course take advantage of the official MotoGP license so we can be successful in real competitions.

From the start and reviewing the game options we have at our disposal the fast modes, the career mode (which will become our biggest obsession), the online multiplayer, the customization system and especially NINE Season 2009. However, Moto GP 22 makes a mandatory first stop before fully immersing the player in the experience: Practice and GT Academy. A procedure? Rather a first step that is really necessary without coercion.

Motogp Tm 22 20220420215038

As we mentioned at the beginning, MOtoGP 22 is the most accessible installment of the entire saga in this new phase. You may be a whiz with the driving titles, but find yourself more or less defenseless on two wheels if you haven’t played the previous installments. Milestone is fully aware of this and welcomes all players with a series of guides and tutorials, ranging from basic to advanced, that will definitely establish the playable identity of the title for each player profile.

Once you have removed the training wheels from the motorcycle (you can remove both…