I cannot assign a face to OlliOlli World. My doubts about its visual style, level structure, and certain design choices may have lingered from start to finish, but just like the first two, this game is even unintentionally loved.

Again embracing arcade madness and high scores, OlliOlli World becomes another one of those games that, like a nuclear throne of skateboarding, can’t be erased from my hard drive for years. A place of safety where, like in Vlambeer, you can go if you don’t have the time or inclination for anything else.

Skateboarding for everyone

If we follow the logical progression of skate games from first to second – the one that San Antonio Halcón blessed us with when he presented the manual to achieve even crazier combos – the jump in OlliOlli World is like an ollie yourself to mark a hardflip yourself.

The base remains the same for getting from point A to B trying to perform the highest possible combo and topping the scoreboards, but along the way he’s harking back to old ideas and adding a huge bag of novelty. Some appreciated, others less so.

The above include the classic tricks, grinds and guides to overcome screens, complete challenges and try to gain glory in renewed daily grinds that deserve a place in the next section. Everything that was addictive about OlliOlli is still there, including that simple “one more and I’m done” immediacy that made it easy to add another.

However, it is the novelties that make the difference and that is, in addition to a prettier face – if possible – and a wallride that sometimes makes you tear your hair, OlliOlli World has been completely renewed to be a more accessible experience , more challenging and longer lasting. There is skateboarding for everyone here.

A facial transformation that goes beyond aesthetics

With a renewed aesthetic oozing Adventure Time and Midnight Gospel from each of its pores, the two big benefits of change go far beyond just how fun it is to watch ice cream with legs and bodybuilding seagulls walking around like it’s the most normal thing would be the world.

The most important of the two is the level design which, while maintaining a 2D side scrolling, plays with depth to offer us different paths that we can enter to meet new characters and unlock special levels, challenges to complete and longer and more difficult paths to walk complexes that allow us to further prolong one of those infinite combinations that end in tragedy 9 times out of 10.

I was scared to get into the changes that take you from left to right in the opposite direction after jumping down a tube, but what really choked me is the turns you make in some of the aforementioned forks.


Controlling the fall when the doll not only goes up and down but also gets lost in the depth of the level or after obstacles that want to make the process more attractive is a nuisance that has annoyed me more than one combo. Especially in the late levels, where speeding up every jump and hitting every grind is crucial to get to the next obstacle fast enough.

Progression based on boards and zapas

The other great novelty, also aesthetic but crucial for the gameplay, is the customization of the avatar. From riding a badass skater to dressing up as a festival alien in Gallumbos. You start off with a remarkable array of options that can be expanded as you complete challenges, clear special levels, and achieve high scores.

Only the flashiest ones really serve as an excuse to bite you, but it’s not as if OlliOlli World needs a lot of milongas so you can spend two hours going through already completed levels looking for the last challenge that’s waiting to be completed.


It’s appreciated because it definitely serves to encourage people to compete in the new format of the daily grind, a sort of league that you can join as many times as you like to climb positions in the table and receive a cosmetic prize, if applicable. You stay among the first.

And if you’re looking for a more direct pique, or if you’re crazy enough that you’ve played the game 100%, you always have the option to create your own randomly generated levels based on elements such as the setting or difficulty. If you like it too and you think you had a good time, you can send it to your friends or share it on networks to challenge people to beat you.

sheet metal warning

Although his intentions are good and if you give him a little time he can make you smile where he doesn’t matter at all is introducing a plot in the mix. Moving from one level to another is more noticeable, but also more inconvenient, since you have to use the joystick to move around a map at the touch of a button, but that’s the minimum.


What I would wipe off the face of the earth is the badge you have to eat every time you start a level and while trying to skip the introduction asap you end up choosing more chat instead of pressing it another button to compose.

If instead of a “Would you like me to tell you about my life?” to which I would answer A or B – to say yes or to ask him to let you skate alone – if they had given me the option “Leave me alone from now to infinity, for God’s sake”, that would be world a better place today

An unnecessary procedure that does little to give a surreal world a context that doesn’t require it either. i want to skate I want to burn my retinas non-stop as this is the last level I have left to 100% complete this area of ​​the map. “Ah, well, sorry because you pressed A in a hurry and this is the fifth time I’ve explained why this man has a skate shop in an abandoned industrial park.”


VidaExtra’s opinion

Milongas aside, there’s no denying that OlliOlli World is a great game like the top of a pine tree. I may stumble a little more in this quest for the best and best than I’d like to admit, but in any case I think it’s fair to give him the credit of not staying anchored and trying to to surprise.

In most cases it succeeds, OlliOlli World makes for an impressive sequel that’s likely to gain even more followers with even bloodier levels and even more benevolent help – checkpoints throughout and challenges that remain complete even if you crash the he up to this third part already blindly drags.

OlliOlli world

OlliOlli world

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OlliOlli world

Platforms PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series (Reviewed Version) Multiplayer Yes (asynchronous) Developer Roll7 Company Private Division Released February 8, 2022

The best

  • It’s still just as addicting
  • A huge amount of unlockables
  • Works like a shot


  • Introducing a plot does very little to help
  • Some steering errors on the forks
  • How much you will miss PS Vita