I don’t think I haven’t missed a single snowboard game that came out since CoolBoarders. So when I heard about Shredders and got inspired by Amped, it didn’t take long for me to jump on the bandwagon.

Like the equivalent of all that wave of indie skate games we saw a few years ago, Shredders comes to keep us breaking boards and enjoying that more humble side, but with a base of control that has nothing to envy to the greats .

You play better in freedom

There are probably two games in Shredders. One that I loved and another that was just an afternoon procedure. Honestly, I can’t tell you which of them ended up weighing more, but luckily you can separate both ways to enjoy the good stuff and forget about everything else.

Let’s start with the joys, let’s not be vinegars. Shredders is a great snowboarding game mostly because of the sensations that its control gives. Just braking or eses and skidding down, you can already feel how much affection they have given to this section.

It may be more complicated than necessary to go a step further with some tricks that could take advantage of the number of buttons available on the controller, but it creates a kind of proprietary system of turns and grips that is easy to assimilate and assimilate Master.

Cucamonadas like attaching to Teletrailers to increase your speed, driving a drone to reset your position, or grabbing snowmobiles and controlling their direction to easily go uphill are the typical oddities that you end up less consume than you thought, but they show that the team behind Shredders wanted to go a little beyond the basics.

And between that good feeling and providing an open world full of great places to do tricks and create your own lines, Shredders is one of those games where you lose yourself playing for hours while walking to your ball. The latter is important.

A structure that does you a disservice

The freedom it offers to descend the mountains with no challenges and at your own pace collides head-on with what the game offers as a sort of story mode that introduces you to the mechanics with small missions and shows you the special locations of the mountain .

paper shredder

Too focused on very short tests, the game constantly cuts between the loading times and the videos that tell the story of the protagonists. It works when it comes to long runs with multiple objectives, but when it takes you from one jump to another in challenges that hardly last more than a minute, things get very uphill.

With main and side objectives usually achievable, the idea of ​​having everything ready and unlocking clothing items is the only thing that pushes you to continue down this path, but the frustration and bugs that appear bit by bit suck.

While tolerable, I’ll admit I’ve experienced a bit of everything from sizeable jerks to tests that require you to slow down to wait for your partner to do whatever they came to score you on .

paper shredder

In search of more but much shorter missions, Shredders gets bogged down in a progression structure that doesn’t do either the game or the player any favors and requires increasingly longer lines to gain control.

VidaExtra’s opinion

Like the typical game you play in an afternoon and justify that week’s Game Pass, Shredders navigates between entertainment with an expiration date and the game you need to keep on the console to access from time to time and connect to separate by hitting four jumps.

Even if it’s just a matter of strolling through its scenarios and enjoying a control that knows how to transmit the best of snow, it’s already worth approaching. It might be far from your favorite game of the genre, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

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Platforms PC & Xbox Series (Reviewed Version) Multiplayer Yes Developer FoamPunch Company FoamPunch Released March 17, 2022

The best

  • Its mountains are a delight
  • Very good sense of control
  • Lots of mythical places from real life and movies


  • Your campaign will become slow and boring
  • Several technical issues that weigh on the experience