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I already have a few friends and colleagues who let me know that they fell into the Street Fighter maps despite not being Magic: The Gathering players. At first I couldn’t help but blurt out, ‘Where are you going, Flipao’, but wow, they look so good.

The new set of Street Fighter Magic cards born from this source of things that create a need you didn’t call Secret Lair isn’t the first nor the last to be based on video games we’re looking at will be in our magical chronicles.

The idea of ​​Secret Lair is that only those cards will be created that are in reserve during the period marked by each new limited collection, in this case until March 19th, and they will be sent later with a special box.

Available for collectors but allowed in formats like Legacy, Vintage, and Commander – in fact, they’re designed specifically for the latter – what’s most appealing about the cards isn’t that the vast majority of them are ravishingly beautiful, but rather how they’ve been returning to given to characters’ abilities to turn them into mechanics.

We’ll review everything they can contribute on a playable level while we enjoy the drawings – Blanka’s slide is said to lay a floor on the beach – and afterwards we’ll recall the work they also captured on Arcane’s League of Legends animated series.

Street Fighter Magic cards

Below you have everything that the collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Capcom has delivered, a collection with the eight main fighters of Street Fighter 2 that will allow us to get the most out of each of them with new skills that evolve in their mythical special attacks became.

I put the Honda first because I not only play him as one of my favorite characters in the game, I also find him to be one of the most fun. A 0/7, which on your turn converts all life to power, both your and your opponent’s cards – this would become a 7/7 – and which increases the life of all your creatures depending on the cards you have on in hand. Every time you attack, you also use the previous mechanic. A crazy map to play in Commander.

Ryu is probably one of the least calls out to me, although I have to admit that the change in the icon for rotating the map to match the Hadoken does play a part. A trained 2/4 that can deal direct damage to any target based on their strength.

Facing the Japanese fighter is Ken, a 4/2 who can gain first strike and cast a mana spell equal to or less than battle damage without paying. Come on, he’ll clear the table in a sigh as long as you’re well charged with sparks.

street fight2

Keep an eye on Blanka, who is also not one-armed and could be a good addition to this red deck. He comes in with Lane Rush, can trample, and you can hit or snort him with spells to get one +2/+2 at a time while dealing two damage to each opponent. Very well.

I expected more tollinas and fewer fantasies with Chun-Li’s kick, but the idea of ​​the letter goes in a different direction. The idea is that for every kick you add, you can bring back a banished card from the graveyard to be able to summon a copy.

Dhalsim doesn’t disappoint either and besides having – obviously – range and being able to teleport to add hexproof, he buffs all creatures you have with range and also lets you draw whenever a creature deals damage to the opponent .

street fight3

Telita also with Guile. When it enters the battlefield or attacks, you put a counter on it, and each time you remove a counter, it either deals four damage to any target or gains indestructible lifelink until end of turn.

We’ll end with good old Zangief, which should be blocked whenever possible and is indestructible during your turn. The gift forces the owner of a creature that has taken more damage than it can take to remove nonland or noncreature permanents.

Too bad that unlike the set you’ll find below, in the case of Street Fighter, they weren’t also animated with custom lands. Honda’s bathtub as Island or Blanka’s Amazonian beach/river/mud as Pantano would have been the finishing touch.

Arcane’s Secret Lair

As we recalled a few lines above, the Street Fighter maps aren’t the first video game-focused maps to appear in Secret Lair, nor will they be the last we’ll see in the short term.

Planned for this year is a series of Fortnite maps that, unlike the ones shown above, will be based solely on renewed classic maps with Fortnite art yet to be revealed.


They can’t wait to see what’s going on there, which can lead to some really insane mixes, but for now we’re going to take a look at what they’ve recently done with Arcane, the LoL series for Netflix that follows the same formula .

As you can see, these are pre-existing cards whose design has been modified, the setting phrase has been modified, the text has been partially modified to make them more understandable or, in certain cases, the name has been changed while keeping the previous one around not to confuse the staff too much.


A gift for fans where the Vi cards and the lands are undoubtedly the best in the collection. Unfortunately we can’t get closer to these as the collection is now closed, but it’s always a pleasure to stop and admire their art a bit. Here you have the rest.



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