Terrible. Chaotic. Insanely Creative Assembly glorifies its own great strategy formula by unleashing – without hot buttons – a brutal and breathtaking apocalypse in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. And in the process, Total War: WARHAMMER III becomes the best game ever. He dedicates the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy as his grand masterpiece.

The glorious mass battles of Total War: WARHAMMER reach their own climax in a flawless trilogy finale that takes the epic and brutality of the previous two installments to a level unmatched by any other strategy game. Put all the meat on the grill and then send it all to hell: the world is on the brink of collapse and we already suspect that it will not end well.

Disregarding the historical strategy it’s so good at, Creative Assembly pushes the limits of imagination to draw us into its Dantesque vision of Hell. Building on everything learned in the previous two Total War: WARHAMMER and its expansions, it introduces the player to new experiences. Close a stage and leave it at its highest point.

Because Total War: WARHAMMER III is the most ambitious and brutal part of the trilogy. An absolute must for anyone who has been fascinated by the excellence of the first two parts or has surrendered directly. And best of all, their way of offering new things neither contradicts nor overlaps what was already in them. One of the greatest achievements of Total War: WARHAMMER III is how it brings greater value to the trilogy as a whole.

And as we shall see, the formula has not changed, but the content that is presented to us is completely new and the tone in general is much more epic. In Total War: WARHAMMER III we lead streams of units, mortal or demonic, in an epic war that takes place on the border between worlds. Which, combined with the amazing level of detail of the units and the excessive ambition that is put into the project, makes for truly apocalyptic battles.

But best of all, Total War: WARHAMMER III achieves all of its goals and consolidates the huge expectations that are raised, without leaving those who are passionate about the strategy series or the Warhammer Fantasy license on the sidelines. Creative Assembly sticks to the great premise on which this dream collaboration began: to provide a 100% Total War and 100% Warhammer experience.

The most brutal strategy game ever

Khorne Screenshot Asset 01

Whichever way you look at it, entering the Realm of Chaos is insane. We’re talking about a dimension constantly subjected to all manner of terrors and ceaseless demonic corruption. Next to him, Mordor looks like a playground. A cursed and hostile land destined to serve as the setting for the world’s fate to be decided.

Unlike other strategy sagas, Creative Assembly expands the content of Total War: WARHAMMER and Total War: WARHAMMER II by providing the player with different factions and content, but maintains the premise of massive real-time battles in scenarios rich in detail and offer nuances. . Perhaps Total War: WARHAMMER III’s landscapes are the most severe, but they give off their own identity. And more importantly, they perfectly convey the rawness and scale of the circumstances.

Despite the fact that it’s the culmination of the trilogy, you don’t need to have gone through the other two parts to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Total War: WARHAMMER III knows how to welcome everyone.

Grand Cathay Battle Finale

The good news for both Total War: WARHAMMER newbies and those who’ve maxed out the Old World and New World and haven’t returned in a while is that Creative Assembly has closed the five-year gap between Total War: WARHAMMER II and has taken over This final episode, with which he has created a very well-planned prologue, with which he will become familiar with the game’s mechanics, fully immersing himself in the Warhammer universe and the severity of the context ahead, and attracting veterans and new players to the same point brings experience.

From there, the content and ambition of the game itself spirals out of control in terms of scope and possibilities. The game’s campaigns bring mortals and demons to deploy their armies across the Kingdom of Chaos, creating Dantesque conflicts where brutality is always subject to circumstance, and these will always benefit those who understand the situation best.


Efficient unit management, topography and even divine intervention will gradually determine the outcome of the battle. That’s not to say that Total War: WARHAMMER III reserves surprises and plot twists and scatters them haphazardly or conveniently, with the vision of providing the drama expected of the apocalypse.

If this is your first Total War: WARHAMMER, there’s one thing to note: you won’t see any elves, orcs, or dwarves here. In terms of content, each part of the trilogy has its own factions, kingdoms and banners.

Wh3 Kislew

  • On the side of the two representatives of the Mortal Realms we have the austere but deadly Kislev of the Northern Kingdoms and the imposing and exotic realm of Greater Cathay. Beside them, and also for their own ends, the base ogre kingdoms. games workshop

Slaanesh screenshot 01

  • In addition, it must be recognized that Creative Assembly was able to save the most imposing and devastating units for the occasion: in addition to being able to participate in the Demons of Chaos led by Prince Ungol, four demonic deities share the Kingdom of Chaos: Nurgle, the plague god; Slaanesh, the god of excess; Tzeentch, the changer of things; and finally Khorne, the god of blood and carnage.

As mentioned, Creative Assembly has kept the formula of the previous two installments, but also fully focused on offering powerful content that can challenge those who come from previous installments and surprise and captivate newcomers. Raise the tone and intensity of battles with campaigns that follow in the footsteps of the Total War formula:

  • Turn-based games with conquests, resource acquisition and campaign map improvements
  • Thrilling real-time mass battles in the combat scenarios.

However, the way the whole thing is soaked and the fidelity maintained to the Warhammer Fantasy universe is respected. Games Workshop itself has thrown itself wholeheartedly into Total War: WARHAMMER III, collaborating with Creative Assembly to ensure that beyond the essence of strategy and role manifested throughout the game and its campaign, the experience is genuine and twisted in The Demonic Twist the brooch of the trilogy meets the expectations of die-hard Warhammer fans.

Ksl screenshot asset 03

And it is that, despite its exuberant rawness, darkness and apocalyptic undertones, Total War: WARHAMMER III is not a third installment inspired by the events of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, but a direct continuation of the project started in 2016, which is chronologically placed in during the Set in the reign of Emperor Karl Franz, his roots and inspiration are strongly tied to the eighth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

That brings us to the other big point to discuss in Total War: WARHAMMER III: What new features have been introduced to the experience beyond the content?

New ways to cleanse the Realm of Chaos

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Creative Assembly recognizes both that Total War: WARHAMMER III is the culmination of the saga and the large time gap between this installment and the previous one. It’s precisely for this reason that it’s focused on putting all the meat on the grill with new gameplay options and modes that fit the theme and tone of this installment like a glove, and that increase the title’s replay value well beyond its powerful campaigns. Which, by the way, have been pleasantly reinforced at the playable level and especially with regard to multiplayer.

Campaigns can now be started with up to eight players. A brutal jump if we consider that in previous installments we could only attack between two. Of course, not all campaigns allow the participation of eight players: although The Kingdom of Chaos can be tackled together with seven other players, the campaign dedicated to the kingdom of Kislev and its invasion is designed for a maximum of three players.


On the other hand, in terms of managing content from the campaign maps, Total War: WARHAMMER III brings new nuances when it comes to negotiating and establishing alliances. The length of each matchstick can expand to over a hundred turns, so all those layers of depth add value to the whole. And yes, when we share a campaign with other players, Creative Assembly opens the door to simultaneous rounds.

No less interesting is the inclusion of a new breed of legendary lords, which, to be honest, will be called our favorite: the demon prince will be a character created to our liking, fully customizable in terms of appearance and equipment improvements, spells and attributes. The units in his care are essentially a combination of the game’s Chaos Deities. And the best thing is that we can take it with us and…