Fashions usually come to an end, but they are also more cyclical and every now and then there is a revival with their trends. For example, the fever for new battle royales has passed to a better life, and now the formula proposed by Valve’s Left 4 Dead a little over a decade ago is making a tentative return.

We say this not only for Back 4 Blood, its spiritual successor, but also for Aliens Fireteam Elite and many others like World War Z or Vermintide from the Warhammer universe. The next game in this direction? Nothing more and nothing less than Ubisoft with a spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege christened Rainbow Six Extraction. A video game with an emphasis on rapport with the rest of the teammates looking for extreme difficulty, along the lines of GTFO.

If you don’t communicate with your party, you’re dead

Thanks to the French company, we had the opportunity to test this new proposal within the R6 universe that has emerged on a limited scale. It was four hours of sorrow and fun, with the help of other fellow media.

A priori, it differs from most of the titles mentioned in that the number of players is reduced to three per game. And that has an important consequence: it makes communication with the other two people essential to know what’s happening on the screen, since some valuable reaction seconds are lost with the ping system. Also, we’re talking about a game where aliens can kill us with four or five hits without realizing it, so here we could introduce the famous Dark Souls meme…

It’s no coincidence that it’s called Rainbow Six, as it’s a very tactical game. In addition, there is a large part of the operators that can be seen in the last installment, each of these agents with their own characteristics in terms of skills or accessories, resulting in countless options to face each situation based on the rest of the teammate squad.

It’s not worth playing the hero and going Rambo here, because breaking out of the group usually means certain death once two or three normal aliens get together. And that has a highly tragic consequence: the character’s death is (almost) final. In that sense, it applies the standard Watch Dogs Legion mode, where an agent suffered severe damage (or was kidnapped) and had to wait to be restored with medical treatment or the start of a rescue mission. And that’s exactly what’s happening here, with several nuances.

Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t generous with medkits, with very few scattered throughout each map. It’s an inherent point of distinction and deterrent to Turtle Rock Studios’ revolutionary shooter, which had first-aid kits in every shelter. To this we must add that it is almost impossible to complete a mission without taking damage, so in the next mission our operator will be injured and have less life. And that means? That it is advisable to decide on another character until the first one has recovered.

Logically, with so many games over four hours, we’ve failed miserably in many missions, and in most cases we’ve opted for the basic extraction when we’ve completed the first task. And the funny thing is that despite being Left 4 Dead veterans, we felt like we accomplished the mission due to the progressive hardship (starting from a challenging starting point) of each zone.

Rainbow Six Extraction rewards risk-taking

Rainbow Six extraction

If we see how the game is really like, after this first Rainbow Six quarantine that has been changed due to the pandemic that we are suffering, the name Rainbow Six Extraction now seems more accurate to us. The reason is none other than that its main objective is based on extractions. No, a mission does not complete automatically, but in order for it to succeed, you must extract the agent afterwards.

Each region has three missions that rotate randomly with each entry. And this is where it overwhelms its enormous variety of targets. Be careful because we are talking about 13 types of goals that are completely different from each other. It can go from the basics, like hunting a certain type of alien, to another, more risky, like extracting that creature alive, with what that means: first provoke it to hunt us down until it’s safe is to contain it.

The maps are scaled down a bit, like a standard Call of Duty map, although divided into three parts, one for each objective. When we complete the first one we can move on to the next area and so on until the third and last one, but remember that each subsequent objective becomes more difficult. So if we have suffered to fulfill one, the most advisable thing is to extract the operators and say goodbye from there to get some rewards.

Rainbow Six extraction

That risk is rewarded when we achieve goals has its consequences when we fail on the other hand. And not only in view of the loss of an agent in several games, but also because he loses experience, and with it levels. Yes, we are punished for failure. Ubisoft Montreal didn’t beat around the bush in this cooperative shooter.

With nearly twenty agents available (most are unlocked through our general progression), finding a character that suits our style is not easy, partly because we have to change with each game forcibly, since it is inevitable that we get hurt. Gridlock, Nomad, Smoke, Ela, Sledge, Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Hibana, Doc, Pulse, Finka… They are old acquaintances from the Rainbow Six universe and each adapts to a specific type of class, such as Medic, Tank, stealth … And both in the arsenal and in skills.

Unsurprisingly, the Rainbow Six Extraction storyline brings these Operators together to help contain the Chimera Parasite that is back on Earth and now affecting the United States region. For this reason, the REACT group (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) was formed as a specialized unit to analyze and contain this exogenous threat called Archaea.

The problem is that by going much further in terms of bad drool, especially due to the lethality of a large proportion of these parasite aliens, we’ll encounter more than a dozen creatures from our worst nightmares that leave the archetypes of the genre in diapers being able to easily kill us with three or four hits once we get distracted. And let’s not say hard mode…

And if you’re looking for a more extreme challenge, there will be one too

Rainbow Six extraction

In these four hours of gameplay that Ubisoft has made available to us with other partners in the field, we have been able to test several of the regions that will be available in the final version, which will be released on January 20th on PC, PlayStation and Xbox Consoles will be released, and cloud gaming. Each region with three different maps of increasing difficulty, showing emblematic locations of New York, Alaska or San Francisco.

Since we’ve gone back a few paragraphs, the good thing is that we’ll never know what each game will surprise us with as it varies its objectives. Perform a biopsy on a parasite, track all nests in the area, find and activate three seismic stations in a specific order… Each objective offers a different challenge, with one of our favorites being rescuing a trapped VIP watching all the tentacles, the es caught him while we face several waves of enemies who, of course, are alarmed by our presence.

From the Rainbow Six saga, in addition to the tactical spirit, he inherits an arsenal up to the task where there is no shortage of the possibility of building fortifications to block access through doors or windows… although none of them are hard enough if multiple arcs appear, of course . And what got us the most out of our boxes? We debate between the elusive and powerful Torment, or how much the Impels give away when shooting spikes from afar. Because no, not all archaea attack melee. And yes, there are some that also explode or release poison. Even the most insignificant things can interfere with our vision or slow us down.

Rainbow Six extraction

In this sense, we must pay particular attention to the nests, since they release a viscous substance called muciĆ©lago that hinders our movement. If we attack the melee nests, this substance disappears and no creature can leave the nest either, which the alpha archaea do with too much momentum… But the worst thing is that not all archaea are vulnerable to headshots like the mole tank, which is recommended to knock him down first, only to stab him in the back later.

This is where the type of operator we control influences, since some are ideal against certain archeans, while others make it easier for us to scan the area or enjoy additional health charges, useful in missions of higher difficulty. And it goes without saying that if the game is already difficult, those seeking extreme challenges will also reach it through its endgame.

The Maelstrom Protocol is the name for its extreme mode, which is a potpourri of the others, with the aggravating fact that we are forced to complete nine objectives in a row for the mission to be considered successful. C’mon, almost all types of missions out there, with increasing difficulty, less time to complete the objective and scarce resources. A pretty sight, isn’t it?

Like GTFO, Rainbow Six Extraction focuses on a much more sophisticated audience within…