Codemasters is very keen on meeting those who are passionate about motorsport. He knows exactly what he is doing. After all, driving video games is his natural medium and GRID Legends is already his next big workhorse. His third big next-gen hit after the flawless F1 2021 and Dirt 5. Naturally, Southam’s are fully focused on bringing the GRID saga back to its most exciting part and Driven to Glory, its ambitious story mode , close. is the key piece to achieve it.

The premise from which this story mode was born is very simple: why choose between two different experiences when you can have everything at once and in one place? Driven to Glory is literally a film production built into GRID Legends itself. A fast-paced alternative to the traditional campaign mode that sets a new chair by completely blurring the line that separates video games from Netflix or Disney+ documentaries.

Which, by the way, he succeeds in a real way. And that, as you can see in our gameplay, is very well thought out from the first bars of the game.

The premise that Driven to Glory was born from doesn’t have much of a twist, mind you. But the grand plan is to give each new race additional context and ambitious narrative continuity. Incorporate the rivalry and sense of progression of the GRID saga into a documentary series, letting the player fully immerse chapter by chapter in the storyline created for the occasion, empathize with the circumstances and participate as another character. In fact, we are proposed to be the protagonists of this great film project.

At VidaExtra, we had the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in one of GRID Legends’ most powerful claims. A development version, all is said, but very well polished. Any excuse is good to continue our previous game where we left off with its collisions and that spectacular sense of speed. However, we have to admit that what Driven to Glory offers us deserves very special treatment.

In fact, Codemasters has packed all the news and weighty arguments in story mode so that those who are passionate about driving games bet on GRID Legends. Its excellence at the controls (and steering wheels), its aggressive competitiveness, its very successful technical section and the emotions inherent in each GRID race. But the very way Driven to Glory exposes us and invites us to interact with all of these elements makes it exceptional.

Buckle up: Pilot 22 enters the scene

In big motorsport it’s not uncommon to solve big problems with unconventional solutions, but the Seneca Racing team is in dire need of a driver and our recent winning streak must make up for the enormous lack of professional experience. Which, on the other hand, is an opportunity to compete in the GRID World Series that you can’t refuse.

In Driven to Glory our story begins when we take on the role of the second driver of the Seneca team. A necessary vacancy that seems bewitched by our predecessors. The previous numbers 2 hardly lasted more than a breath, unfortunately for the company and especially for Marcus Ado, the team leader. But as the saying goes, the third time does the trick.

Driven to Glory is a cinematic story divided into events in which we will participate as drivers. A full-fledged film production with real actors, shot in the style of documentaries and shot using a virtual production system very similar to that of series like The Mandalorian. Of course, Driven to Glory is not space sci-fi, but a story created specifically for those who are passionate about motor competitions.

Gl Story Cinematic 9

A linear story and with a script already made so that the events don’t change what we do unless we don’t reach the goals set for each race. In this case it is logically time to repeat the event, although then the two essential elements of the GRID saga will manifest themselves.

  • On the one hand, the rewind mechanic saves us the frustration of crashes ending in a collision and all the side effects of a bad crash. Situations that will irretrievably twist what’s left of our careers. Of course, the number of rewinds is limited.
  • On the other hand, GRID Legends’ very thoughtful reward and progression system takes our performance into account. So if we have little left to complete the race, it is worth closing it before restarting it.

Either way, Codemasters is delving deeper and better into what’s on offer at F1 2021 Braking Point, making the in-game story a resource at the service of the driving experience. Even integrate it into the development of the games. In addition to empathizing with the emotions of the development of the plot, it takes shape as we compete through the participation of the rest of the pilots with whom we compete. Allies and especially rivals.


So we don’t just measure ourselves against other cars, but against the drivers with face and personality who drive them. With their own motivations and who will also have a voice and a defined disposition in the development of the races. And this is where the game’s new Nemesis system shines again.

Now, just because the story is linear doesn’t mean it doesn’t lend itself to twists and surprises, and that’s something very important. Driven to Glory is not a sequence of films shot in real-time with actors simply to put us in context before the race, but rather it gives shape and identity to the experience and challenge we then have to face behind the wheel . We’re starting to make a name for ourselves in the GRID World Series.

Gl Story Cinematic 6

At this point it’s time to talk about the difficulty of Driven to Glory and that’s where Codemasters takes over again: once we’ve completed the first event and we’re clear about what the tone of the story mode will be, we will we do it, we have up to five levels of difficulty (from easy to legendary) that are designed for all player profiles. From those who are passionate about the motor world and just want to have fun, to those looking for a more challenging and competitive experience.

And it is that the experience planned for us in Driven to Glory is not based on offering a mode halfway between the documentary series (scripted in this case) and the traditional video game campaigns linked to movies are, lies, but integrates a gaming experience that is tailored to the characteristics of GRID Legends and combines both at the same time in the course of the game. Crazy of course, but also an example of the ambition that is put into this project.

A unique story mode that fits beautifully with GRID Legends

Having put Driven to Glory to the test, it is very clear that it is intended to be one of the central cogs that will define the success of GRID Legends. His ambition is far greater than that of El Camino, its discontinued equivalent in EA Sports’ FIFA series; and its plot and development serves as a vehicle – or rather – to expand more and better the energetic charge of emotions that the new GRID projects when the player is already behind the wheel.

A brilliant way to combine the competitive aspect of GRID Legends, take advantage of the game’s renewed Nemesis system, and be the first-person star of a documentary series created by and for motorsport enthusiasts and enthusiasts. Developed, as we say, with the same commitment and ambition as any series produced for streaming platforms. And yet integrated into the game with enormous naturalness.

Gl Story Cinematic 23 Jpg Adjust Crop16x9 818p

In fact, a very important aspect to consider is that during the development of Driven to Glory we will continue to make progress and unlock content for the rest of the game modes, so we do not give up progress and the system of editing between events also allows us to move freely between the story mode, the multiplayer modes or the main game’s own campaign, which also exist. Being able to progress further from everyone at our own pace.

Logically, and despite the fact that it has been thoroughly tested, it has left us with great sensations, we must bear in mind that the version we had access to is only a foretaste of what is to come. Luckily for fans of motor and video games, the launch of GRID Legends is already imminent.

Gl volcano3

GRID Legends will go on sale on February 25th, allowing us to play on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. And despite the fact that we have fully focused on the content of Driven to Glory, the story mode will not be the only attraction of this part: it is expected that we will be able to get more than 100 supreme Drive destructible (and detailed) cars in updated versions of classic modes like Drift or Elimination and a Race Creator system.

And be careful, one last thing that’s pretty interesting for desktop gamers: EA Sports is bringing back its Double Version program for the occasion, which offers a free upgrade to a new generation and the transfer of progress to new generation systems Includes: Get used to preparing a large bag of popcorn before you set your…