Driving video games is going through a very, very sweet moment and the Italians from Milestone no longer wanted to watch the show without taking part: as is tradition, MotoGP 22 returns around this time, positioning itself as the great alternative for those , who are passionate about professional motorcycling on PC and consoles. A new part that is of course aware of the benefits and responsibilities that come with being the official video game of the World Cup, but it is also clear how to evolve within the saga itself and take several steps forward.

And despite the fact that there are quite a number of video games dedicated to the culture of motorcycling and two-wheeled driving in its various competitive disciplines, some of them like MXGP 2021 with the signature of Milestone himself, the title by which it will be measured head-on is the new edition of MotoGP, its real rival, exactly the edition of the previous season. What has changed from one year to the next? At VidaExtra we had the opportunity to find out first hand.

First things first: Anyone who has been enthusiastic about the MotoGP video game series since Milestone took over the millionaire license will feel at home with the new part. That’s not bad, for the record: visually and playably, MotoGP 21 was already very polished, and we were even surprised at how good MotoGP 20 looked and felt when controlled on Nintendo Switch. And note that Milestone has made it very clear in all of their games that they have found the spot for DualSense in every new studio game released on new generation consoles.

Because it must be recognized that the Italians have managed to best transfer the emotions of the competition to the traditional controls. However, the great success of MotoGP 22 and what should be taken into account is what it brings in terms of content compared to its predecessor. New modes, new experiences and better interfaces. Novelties designed both for the veterans of the saga and for those who are tackling it for the first time.

We’re not kidding ourselves, if driving is an experience more or less dedicated to a very specific audience, motorbike games narrow the circle more, so we’ll have to be a little more demanding in this aspect to live up to expectations. At that point we already had all the official licenses for the 74th edition of the Motorcycle World Championship. This is no small thing, on the contrary: we are talking about more than 120 official drivers and more than 20 official circuits.

The path of growth in MotoGP 22 is not only based on establishing what already exists, but on rounding it all off on the basis of good ideas.

MotoGP and the challenge of raising the bar for another season

The new MotoGP is back with the new season of the Motorcycle World Championship as its base and main claim, it regulates on the controls and on the screen what it was already good at and has also acknowledged what it failed to do in previous editions. Indeed, and as you will see, the two weak points of our MotoGP 21 analysis have been successfully addressed. In the last few days, Milestone has given us the opportunity to thoroughly test a version of MotoGP 22 that is under development and the sensations that this new edition already gives are quite positive.

The Milanese were also very good at measuring the data, for the record. Letting us try out the game, which more or less coincides with the start of the season during the Qatar Grand Prix, and having this preview arrive on the eve of the Indonesian Grand Prix lets us get into their game. That we change the chip and the mentality after the spate of bombings on consoles and desktops related to the world of motorsport. Because MotoGP 22 deserves a special treatment.


In a nutshell, the driving experience on two wheels remains the highlight of the proposal. It’s no longer just about looking for the perfect line on the main courses at absurd speeds, but also to consider aspects such as balance or weight even more. Something that is done more or less intuitively coming from previous deliveries, which is approached with a certain levity due to the fact that you have a rewind option and which, by the way, lets shine one of the first novelties Own light: nothing When we started to play, we had access to a driving school. A kind of specific tutorial for the game, much more interesting than in previous installments.

The main idea is to reaffirm the playable fundamentals, promote our commitment to a higher level of realism, and welcome curious and casual gamers. As we mentioned earlier, MotoGP is a saga that focuses on a very specific player profile, and physics play a more prominent role than in motorsport games. In this regard, the rethought MotoGP Academy teaches us to do our best or quickly take off the training wheels based on very specific challenges. A success no matter how you look at it.


The other novelty that we will soon find when we appear in the menus and after practicing a little or what we consider necessary is another weak point that we highlighted in the previous edition and it has been fixed: MotoGP 22 already features split screen racing in the version we were able to play. And beware, despite the fact that we didn’t have access to online multiplayer, which, regarding Milestone, assumes that there will be cross-play between consoles of different generations (PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S). .

From the starting wheels to the podium


Milestone has also done its homework when it comes to surfaces. Even if we didn’t manage to create a pilot to our liking, at least with the played version, it should be noted that the models have received a noticeable boost and are much more comfortable using the Unreal Engine.

This also applies to the counterpoints of the motorcycle legends, which we will have access to. And not only that, as we’ll see a little further down, in MotoGP 22 four legends of two wheels will have more value thanks to a new mode created for the occasion.


But to return to the playable novelties, we note that in this edition there are big changes perceptible only to the controls. The feeling of adapting to the surface of the track or the wear of the tires themselves are elements that have more presence in each lap and although we will notice the first when leaning forward, the second can also be more or less controlled playing surface itself.

However, with a few tweaks, we can choose the level of simulation we want to access, and with it the type of difficulty we want to face as a pilot. Leaving the door open to go back for as many seconds as we want, both to better take the last corner and not to end up with our bike on the ground and of course to save us from an unnecessary collision.


Although Milestone adheres to the Gaming Academy, it also cares about the players’ experience and takes it seriously, trying to help them find the configuration that best suits them through specific behind-the-scenes advice and recommendations of each race suits their style or what they are looking for in MotoGP 22. In addition, of course, to those offered during the loading times themselves.

Elements that are of course aimed in the right direction, but the star novelty has its own name: (NINE) Season 2009, a kind of tailor-made story mode.

(NINE) Season 2009: the return of a historic season

Motogp22 announcement 04 4k

The 2009 MotoGP season was hectic. Enough for Milestone to focus on and compete it with current content to bring additional value to MotoGP 22: Following in the footsteps of contemporary driving games like GRID Legends, 2009 (NINE) Season was introduced, a kind of story mode, created for the occasion and based on this mythical phase of motorcycling. A strong claim that we will live through its four protagonists: Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo.

The premise of (NINE) Season 2009 is quite simple but very well thought out: Milestone has created and integrated into the game a documentary based on the real events, proposing us to take part in the events through the protagonists. Of course we put ourselves in a context, but set ourselves very defined goals.


The season of (NINE) Season 2009 consists of a number of chapters with a – logically – given plot, which in turn are divided into different episodes with main and secondary objectives. Constantly promoting that we match the milestones of the icons of the two wheels.

The version we had access to contained the first chapters of the (NINE) Season 2009 and the result is convincing, although the circumstances are what they are: the responsibility of bringing together records and mythical moments and facing historical rivals. One bad line or fall and your plan fails. Luckily, and as we’ve already mentioned, the rewind option will avoid more than one disappointment and give us enough room to do something stupid.


Logically, entering the equation of the 2009 MotoGP season adds another attraction to the game, which is a…